The Wrap Up: Round 6

A mixed bag for the high school going 2-2 across the teams which means plenty is at steak this weekend before the bye.


Mhsob 0.2-2 4.3-27 6.7-43 8.15-63
Bulleen Templestowe AFC 5.2-32 9.5-59 14.7-91 14.10-94

A slow start ultimately cost MHS who were near enough not good enough in the first quarter and were left with too much to do. The fightback dismantled by missed opportunities with MHS now needing to kick back into gear more than ever.

There were still real positives out of the game, debutant Will Hellier  lived up to the hype of his reserve performances booting four and claiming best on ground. Fellow first-gamer Angus Lane, product of the much renowned U19 talent factory, was poised and precise off halfback. The debutants were joined by co-captain Michael Brain who just about dragged MHS back into the game by himself.

Justin Mckeone and Joseph Stokes both casualties of the physical contest and set to miss the coming few games. The clubs best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery go out to the boys.

Goal Kickers: W. Hellier 4, M. Brain 2, R. Gavan, O. Miles
Best Players: W. Hellier, M. Brain, T. Hickey, J. Tran, R. Gavan, A. Lane


Mhsob 4.1-25 11.4-70 15.8-98 18.13-121
Bulleen Templestowe AFC 5.2-32 6.2-38 8.6-54 8.7-55

Coach Bernard Pretty was keen to raise his winning percentage back above 90% after a tough loss last week. In a tough first quarter the high school got out to an early lead through some excellent ground work from the big and reliable “C.E.O” Anthony Svirskis. Unfortunately the intensity dropped off towards the end of the quarter allowing Bulleen back into the match. 

A quick reality check saw the high schoolers bounce back and make use of Nick Hawking up forward with a lazy 7, narrowly missing out on kicking a bag (8). With more confidence through the middle the high school took the game on and played fast aggressive footy, quickly blowing the Bullants out of their nest. As the pressure lifted the damage was shown on the scoreboard and the ressies ran out to a comfortable win.

Big inclusion Ebon Storti threw his weight around looking after his mates and Baywatch babe Chuck Pearson was excellent down back in a man of the match performance.

Goal Kickers: N. Hawking 7, A. Svirskis 4, L. Toman 3, M. Mazoletti, A. Wijayakumara, C. Pearson, J. Rewal
Best Players: N. Hawking, C. Pearson, R. Rae, L. Toman, S. Hayes, A. Svirskis


Nick Brown

 St Johns 1.3-9 1.4-10 2.5-17 5.9-39
Melbourne High School Old Boys 6.3-39 11.5-71 17.8-110 21.8-134

It was a windy day away from home when the Unders took on St Johns in Dandenong.  Notoriously rough, our boys began unfazed – kicking 6 goals to 1 in the opening term with the wind. Jez Wilson opened his goal kicking account with Melbourne High, booting 2 goals in the first term. A valiant defensive effort ensured St Johns were kept to a solitary point in the second quarter, with fantastic leadership displayed by Conor Khan and Mitch ‘Monk’ Himing, who played an enlightened game after some off-field hairdressing antics. Chris Tetaz and Lachie Dowling provided constant run out of the midfield, showing flair and contributing on the scoreboard too, each with two goals. Solid debuts from George Moody and Michael Kuzminski showed our squad’s growing depth, with the latter being rewarded with a goal.

Credit must be given to our consistent, four quarter effort – something we have struggled with previously. It would have been easy at half time to take the foot off the gas with a lead of 10 goals, but a big 3rd quarter from Durham McNamara and Sahil Arora showed the tenacity with which our hungry forwards are capable of displaying. Both finished the day with 5 goals each.

That’s 2 on the trot now for the unders, moving into 5th position with a very winnable match against Williamstown this week. Again, it will be a tough, physical contest, but after this week against St Johns we will be prepared for the challenge.

Goal Kickers: D. McNamara 5, S. Arora 5, C. Tetaz 2, L. Dowling 2, J. Wilson 2, J. Broadbent 2, N. Campbell, M. Kuzminski, C. Douros
Best Players: L. Dowling, M. Himing, C. Khan, C. Tetaz, S. Arora, J. Wilson


Jamie Anderson

Melbourne High School Old Boys       3.3-21
Richmond Central       9.8-62

There have been many significant battles fought between north and south. The American Civil War. The Korean War. The Vietnamese War (or the “American Imperialist War” if you are Vietnamese). The American – Canadian War following Canada’s bombing of the Baldwin brothers’ house in retaliation for the imprisonment of Terence and Phillip.

As one such historic battle, Friday night’s game pitting opponents Richmond Central from the north side of the Yarra and MHSOBFC from the south side of the Melbourne’s murky divisor offered much expectation. Would our good ‘ol boys from the south prevail over those commie Richmond types who probably hang out at the Corner Hotel and steal round wins from more deserving opponents?

Goddamn toilet googlers, like you really even knew Lemmy was in Motörhead.

Sorry, the game. That’s right. With a rising mist that Dian Fossey would have been at home in, Coach Rob Coxon implored the team to, for the first time all season, bring home a lead at quarter time. Aided by the addition of nicknames from Jackson “Wild” Wild and Ryan “Pooky” Curwood, that’s exactly what Melbourne High set about doing, Chris Miller capitalizing on a long ball to the square from Louis Meyer with a brilliant snapped goal. The MHSOB bench went wild when they eventually learned of the goal at quarter time when an expedition made it to the scoreboard through the fog and returned the news.

The second quarter saw Melbourne High’s defence kept busy, the Dirtworm Calum Bennett working hard to repel attacks along with Centre Half Birch and Adam Granger. Damian Grantham was again a dynamo, however it was our habit of hurriedly kicking the ball forward toward goal without consideration for the consequences that repeatedly saw us turn the ball over to the Richmond Central lose defenders. It was this rebound that proved costly, Richmond taking advantage like a good looking girl on Tinder looking for a free dinner. The one highlight of the term was Louis Meyer convincing the ump that he, rather than Linford Dean, was the ruckman and thus deserving of an infringement free-kick from the boundary throw in when a Richmond player kicked an overshot throw-in out of the air. Louis duly converted and Linford learned the first rule of Clubbies Club: You do not even think of depriving Louis of a goal.

The disappointment was palpable at half time, a lead blown, opportunities wasted – the irony that it’s normally a team called Richmond finding itself in this predicament was not lost on us.

The third quarter saw a rally from the High initially coming from greater discipline and willingness to man-up on Richmond’s loose man, however a reversion to the mean ensued with our forwards getting sucked up into contests and Richmond taking advantage by easily picking off our clearances. With a fog reminiscent of a night out in LA with Cyprus Hill in full effect coupled with a lack of lighting due to league rationing, finding our targets up forward was getting like finding Ando a date on a Saturday night.

The last quarter saw a MHSOB line up depleted by injury giving its all and willing to take chances irrespective of the scoreboard. Josh Vellin came to the fore, his composure in spotting up Jamie Anderson in the middle providing an opportunity for him to run forward and subsequently rove a shanked Anderson kick and snap a sausage roll. But that was it for the High – the damage had been done and Richmond Central ran away victors, breaking MHSOB’s unbeaten streak on Friday nights.

Goal Kickers: L. Meyer, C. Miller, J. Vellin
Best Players: C. Bennett, A. Granger, C. Miller, J. Vellin, D. Grantham, J. Anderson


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