Wrap Up Round 12



Mhsob 5.3-33 7.5-47 11.10-76 14.13-97
West Brunswick 1.5-11 4.7-31 10.9-69 12.11-83


Goal Kickers: K. Smith 5, D. Hamilton-Ho 2, N. Hawking 2, S. Villani, J. Tran, R. Brock, A. Tran, L. Hood
Best Players: K. Smith, M. Wilson, J. Tran, D. Sorgiovanni, S. Villani, D. Hamilton-Ho

With their foot in the door for finals contention, Melbourne High was eager to prove themselves against a top 2 side. With other teams lapping at the opportunity to take advantage of any slip up by the High it was important they were at their best.

The game would start with a flurry of Melbourne High goals, the budding crowd full of Dylan Hamilton-Ho fans lifting the vibe in the Hello Sam pocket. The crowd would not have to wait long, the 100-gamer would get as close as possible to his people, before kicking truly as the high got out to a comfortable lead.

The lead would be chopped down in the third and a repeat of the narrow lost from the last meeting began to creep into The high schools’ memories. A couple of clutch last quarter goals from Kane Smith, who would finish with five for the match, would ensure the win went to the good guys.

Mitch Wilson and Jimmy Tran were fantastic all day throughout the match joining Smith in the best. Debutant Brendan Cook did his selection justice and proved he was up to the challenge of the late game. The win sets up an exciting match up this week as the fourth placed Unicorns look to pinch points of third placed Yarra Old Grammarians.


Mhsob 1.1-7 2.5-17 4.6-30 8.6-54
West Brunswick 4.5-29 9.7-61 11.9-75 14.10-94

Goal Kickers: A. Wijayakumara 3, M. Mazoletti, J. Lewis, B. Burton, J. McWhinney, M. Bradshaw
Best Players: W. Hart, A. Do, C. McWhinney, K. McDonald, C. Pearson, B. Burton


The ressies have gotten to know West Brunswick very well over the past two years. After traveling well to the hipster capital of the world the reserves were quietly confident.

Unfortunately quiet is how the reserves would play as they let Brunswick slip out to an early lead. Perhaps the week off was to blame or perhaps the reserves didn’t quite have their heart in the game but they were, certainly out played by West Brunswick.

It took Melbourne High too long to get back into rhythm and by then the game was lost. Bill Hart showed plenty of heart all game and was judged the players-player. Shannon Keough had far too much of the ball for the teams liking but did help to ensure the end result flattered the high.

Despite a rough day, there was still enough time for the debutant and 2018 Mr Unicorn favourite Benny “birdman” Burton to kick a great goal from deep in the pocket.



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