The Wrap Up Round 14


Bulleen Templestowe AFC 3.2-20 3.6-24 7.11-53 9.14-68

Mhsob 5.3-33 7.7-49 8.7-55 12.9-81

Goal Kickers: B. Jellis 4, N. Hawking 3, S. Villani, D. Hamilton-Ho, J. Sherwin, R. Brock, J. Tran

Best Players: J. Tran, S. Villani, B. Jellis, D. Sorgiovanni, T. Campelj, T. Rendell

After a fantastic run of football for the high school, the Bulleen Templestowe game stood as a test for the consistency of the senior group. The blustery conditions had settled somewhat from the earlier game and ensured the opening quarter was an entertaining affair for all involved.

With a few changes to the forward line, the high school were quick to adjust their game plan and able to make use of Beau Jellis and Nick Hawking. The pair waxing well early and ensuring that the damage was seen where it counts, the scoreboard. As the game got going James Tran found himself with plenty of the ball and his ball use allowed Melbourne High to take the ascendancy.

Just as it looked like the high school were on their way to a comfortable lead, Bulleen found a hot-streak in the third quarter, heaping the pressure on the unicorns. Luckily the leaders would stand up, Steve Villani burst through the middle to kick a goal many would describe as fantastic, not Club President Warren Fall, who would say describe it as “okay”. The snap from a tight angle bringing about a run of goals for the high, which alongside some desperation defending allowing them to regain control. They would run out 23 point winners.

An injury to Will Maurice going back with courage the only sour note of the day, at least his contribution to the Monash concussion study may prove useful in the long run.


Bulleen Templestowe AFC 0.1-1 0.2-2 3.2-20 3.2-20

Mhsob 2.5-17 2.7-19 3.11-29 10.13-73


Goal Kickers: W. Rebakis 3, L. Toman 2, M. Mazoletti, J. Moran, B. Burton, M. Fennessy-Kent, O. Miles

Best Players: Z. Smooker, J. Pagonis, B. Burton, J. Moran, S. Keough

The unicorns made the track out of their inner-city comfort zone to the home of the Bull-ants. Greeted with blustery conditions atop the anthill the high school would have to work hard to make the most of their opportunity to string together some consistent football.

The first quarter saw some glimpses of great link-up play by the high school, big inclusion Jonny “Dingo” Moran was nipping about the forward-line early and kicked the first major. The Zac Smooker evolution continued, as the big back-man moved into the middle as a tap ruckman. Wasted chances early on meant the high school only lead by 16 at the first break.

Wasteful football would be the centrepiece for a lazy outfit, the high school limped to a meal advantage at the half. As the wind changed so too did the game, Buleen were able to snag a couple of counter punch goals and suddenly the challenge was thrown down to the unicorns. With a slender 9 point lead at the final break coach Bernard Pretty turned to his brains trust, Michael Borg to help bring the passion back into the game.

The collaboration worked a charm as the high school finally got it together kicking a string of goals in the last to run out to a 53 point win. Ben Burton and Bill Rebakis straightening the high school up and ensuring they were saved from the jaws of defeat.



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