Reg Fairchild Award Winners

The Reg Fairchild Award was instituted in 2001 to commemorate tireless club worker, team manager and property steward Reg Fairchild, who passed away in December 2000.

It is the Player’s Player Award for courageous and outstanding performance in the senior team each week as voted by the players immediately following each game.

2016    A Villani
2015    D O’Connor
2014    S Villani
2013    L Evans & M Manteit
2012   S Villani
2011   J Tran
2010   M J White
2009   H J Taylor
2008   H J Taylor
2007   L D Evans
2006   R M McIntyre
2005   R N Limbrick
2004   E M Thompson
2003   A J Cassell
2002   E M Thompson
2001   R N Limbrick


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