The Unicorns

Since 1907 Melbourne High School OBFC has been committed to fostering a strong and successful community for its players, supporters and their families.  In 2014 we are pleased to offer the opportunity for all members of that community to show their support for the club and to help to ensure its ongoing success.

As a members of the Unicorns you will be one of the pillars upon which the club can continue to thrive.

For $100 you can become a foundation member of the Unicorns. By way of thanks, all foundation members will receive:

  • An exclusive Unicorns luncheon before an MHSOBFC home game;
  • Recognition on as a Unicorns member a virtual honour board on the MHSOBFC website;
  • 2014 Melbourne High School OBFC membership card.

To become a member, please click here.

If you require more details please contact the club at

We appreciate your support in the past and look forward to it continuing in the future.





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