MHS Presentation Night

MHS Presentation NightMHSOBFC celebrated their presentation night at the Medallion Club at Etihad Stadium. A wonderful night celebrating a great season, congratulations to all our award winners in 2017. Details of the winners and photos can be found below!

Sam Silberberg Outstanding Club-person: Josh Colman


Best and Fairest: James Tran
Runner-Up: Tom Hickey
Second Runner-Up: Tim Campelj
Player’s Player: Tim Campelj
Albon-Betheras: Mike Manteit
Goal Kicking: Kane Smith
Coaches Award: Luke Whittaker


Best and Fairest: Mason Fennsey-Kent
Runner-Up: Brendan Cook
Second Runner-Up: Shannon Keough
Player’s Player: Shannon Keough
Finals Player: Ryan Curwood
Goal Kicking: Bill Rebakis
Coaches Award: Zac Smooker


Best and Fairest: Angus Lane
Second Runner-Up: Durham McNamara
Daniel Eimutis Player’s Player Award: Angus Lane
Finals Player: Charles Overton
Goal Kicking: Durham McNamara
Coaches Award: Mitch Himing


Best and Fairest: Chris Miller
Coaches: Damien Grantham
Goal Kicking: Louis Meyer

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