Round 2 Reserves Match Report

MHSOBFC:  6.10-46

Old Paradians:  4.6-30

Division 2 reserves for some time has been a fairly polarised ladder and the results of round 1 seem to back that up. For some time Old Parade’s two’s had not matched the senior side’s success but following a 100 point win in round 1 and Senior side looking to be flag favourites the depth had clearly increased. Therefore the Magoos were excited for a sterner test than round 1.

The weather loomed large at the first bounce and with the advantage of kicking with a gale MHSOB could only manage 3 goals while limiting Old Parade to 1 point. As rain settled in MHSOB let Old parade off the hook again in the second quarter by kicking 4 points and allowing 3 goals. At half time the effort in trying conditions was pretty good but the lead was only four points. First gamer’s Mitch La Fontaine and Julian Hero both showed plenty of good signs

The message at half time was to increase the tackling pressure, stay disciplined and run away with the game. As the second half started the rain was at its heaviest and it was clear that the side that settled best could get a lead and hold it. Great tackling pressure in the third saw the team reach 22 tackles in a quarter for the first time in 2018. This meant that despite apocalyptic conditions two crucial goals were scored including the major highlight of Matt “Dog Starver” Bradshaw’s soccer goal. The quarter may have been even more profitable but an undisciplined act left Melbourne high a player short. This was very disappointing considering the half time message.

The fourth quarter was a tussle and while MHSOB could not maintain the pressure of the third term the contested efforts and relatively clean hands of Matt Bouwmeester and Anthony Tran made sure the Unicorns stayed well clear and registered a deserving but tough win.

Goal Kickers: A. Lim, W. Rebakis, M. Mazoletti, M. Bradshaw, L. Toman, A. Tran
Best Players: T. Rendell, A. Tran, M. Bouwmeester, M. Fennessy-Kent, M. Mazoletti, M. La Fontaine