Round 3 Reserves Match Report

Eltham Collegians:  1.2-8

MHSOBFC:  27.16-178

After playing in horrendously wet conditions seven days prior, the mighty Unicorn reserves were excited to play a fast brand of footy on the MCG style ground in Eltham Research.

There was much to celebrate pre game, with the 50 game milestones of the equally tough Bill Hart and Nick Huett, and the 100 game milestone for long time skipper Shannon Keough. Huett started brilliantly in his first game back in the magoos since 2015, hard ball gets and clean hands a feature of his performance. Meanwhile Hart was electric on the half back line, running in an endless attacking wave with fellow members of the Triple H fan club, Hayes and Hero.

Unfortunately Keough’s day was ended prematurely in the second quarter with a severe concussion. We can report some good news however, that he was released later that day and is now on the mend. All of our best wishes go out to Shannon.

On a brighter note, the Unicorns looked unstoppable throughout the day, Bill Rebakis snagged eight goals, seven of which hit NASA/Brock controlled air before sailing through the big sticks. His eighth goal was truly Peter Matera like, as the original ‘Greek Freak’ soccered through a goal whilst being tucked up against the boundary line from twenty metres out. Coach Pretty quickly put an end to this madness, and The Freak was quickly grounded to the bench.

Other highlights of the day include the 15 tackles laid by Oli ‘Straight out of Manly via Brighton’ Gilbert, as well as the smooth moving midfielder and future Mr Unicorn winner Mitch La Fontaine with 40 odd touches, aided brilliantly by Tom Norton in the ruck.

Regrettably there were a couple of sore bodies post game, with Lim seen icing his right foot after a severe case of leather poisoning (at 25% efficiency) whilst Pretty is still recovering in the Brunswick Baths from his 5 minute ‘super sub’ effort in the third quarter.

Goal Kickers: W. Rebakis 8, M. Mazoletti 3, M. Bradshaw 3, M. La Fontaine 2, S. Edmonds 2, L. Toman 2, A. Lim 2, C. Hewish 2, D. Hamilton-Ho 2, T. Norton
Best Players: W. Rebakis, O. Gilbert, M. La Fontaine, S. Edmonds, N. Huett, S. Keough