Round 3 Under 21 Match Report

Chadstone: 4.2-26

MHSOBFC: 23.20-158

After two strong wins to start the season, the Development Squad were keen to get another win on the board against Chadstone out on their home deck. With only three quarters of the team arriving on time Coaches Cuddles and Beanstalk wanted to set clear standards for the boys by starting the game with a few numbers short. One would sincerely hope the message was received and everyone will try to avoid being late from now on. Conditions were good as the boys warmed up slower than usual.

As we were down a couple, the boys conceded the first goal of the game after a quick movement forward saw the opposition get on the board first. A strong duck and weave move from Will ‘Hops’ Hellier to snag one on the run past four opposition defenders ensured we gained the upper hand as we now had the full eighteen on the park. On such a wide ground our midfielders put in the hard yards early with Al ‘Hardnut’ Rogers putting his body on the line to set the physical standard against a much larger opposition. Once again poor kicking cost us as we went into the first break with 4.7 instead of 7.4.
After coming together at the first break the team had a clear message to continue running hard to cement our grasp on the game early. After a slow start to the second quarter which saw us concede a few goals we starting to run and transition the ball well with Zac ‘Significantly fitter than Conor’ Comley and Lachie ‘Smiling Assassin’ Dowling putting in the physical effort required to get the ball moving. The addition of James ‘Did you know I’m a pilot’ Scott proved to be of large benefit to the team as he won tap after tap to give our midfielders first use of the pill. Once again our poor conversation ensured that we were 8.14 at the major break. This must become a focus for future weeks if we want to remain the pace setters in the league.

After the three-quarter time break the message was to put Chadstone into the ground after we took the foot off the gas against Hampton at the same point the previous week. The message was well received as we kicked 9.3 in the quarter led by the strong targets up forward in Oscar ‘Roo Roo’ Sargeant and Durham ‘Goal Orientated’ McNamara presenting clear options for our midfielders to hit up as Stephan ‘Raikesy’ Raikes managed to slot one after a good movement forward from the boys. Looking to change some positions around the Coaches put some of their stars down back and moved some defenders through the middle. In particular Nick ‘Obviously Whipped’ Brown provided good run off the half back line and was rewarded with a run through the middle of the ground in the last quarter working well with Will ‘Please Give me a nickname’ Penhalluriack and Jayshiv ‘The Shiv’ Rewal.

One of the best parts of the last quarter and indeed the season was an end to end transitional goal that begun with Nick ‘Kicks snags from Full Back’ Campbell handballing to Rob ‘Inset Nickname here’ Rae who kicked it long to Raikesy eventually getting the ball to Zac who slotted it through the big sticks. Incredible stuff.

Another solid win has cemented our spot on the top of the ladder with a healthy percentage of 465.82. A fantastic team performance from the boys – exciting stuff.

Goal Kickers: O. Sargeant 4, D. McNamara 3, A. Wijayakumara 3, B. Mitchell 2, C. King 2, N. Campbell 2, W. Hellier, S. Raikes, Z. Comley, J. Growse, A. Rogers, J. Wilson, J. Rewal
Best Players: L. Dowling, Z. Comley, O. Sargeant, J. Scott, N. Brown, A. Rogers