Round 4 Under 21 Match Report

MHSOBFC Maroon: 8.5-53

Hawthorn AFC: 11.11-77

Freshly promoted and eager to continue their hot streak, the Jnrcons faced a formidable opposition in Hawthorn this Saturday. Having won three of the past four flags in the division, we were eager to test ourselves against the best.

A team used to early domination, Hawthorn were surprised to see how hard we came out of the blocks when we kicked the first goal of the match. However, their bigger bodies and clever tactics ensured a tough fought contest, going into quarter time with a two-goal lead. The defence weathered the storm throughout the day, as this first quarter was not the only time Hawthorn brought the heat. Byron ‘Train Delay’ Gunn played a particularly hard game, marking up on large, dangerous forwards throughout the day.

Despite their impressive size, Hawthorn were slower and brought less effort to the contest. This was exploited well by the boys, particularly our midfield, who exhibited hard, two-way running all day. The match was a real contest against opposition unlike anything we’d seen before – we had to play the game on our terms, with skill and pace.

There were periods throughout the match where Hawthorn capitalised on their dominant periods. However, the Jnrcorns were never out of the contest. After kicking three quick goals to start the third quarter, we again weathered the storm and fought back to kick two goals just before three-quarter time. The performance was a real testament to the selfless brand of footy we are trying to emanate.

Bruised and battered, we were proud of our display on Saturday both on and off the field. The Jnrcorns are already looking forward to the next meeting later in the year with the Hawks.

Goal Kickers: A. Wijayakumara 2, O. Sargeant, N. Wood
Best Players: N. Wood, O. Sargeant, B. Gunn, R. Rae, J. Growse, W. Hellier