Round 5 Under 21 Match Report

MHSOBFC Maroon: 13.17-95

West Brunswick: 2.5-17

After a valiant effort against ladder leaders and big bodied Hawthorn, the Development Squad were looking to make a statement to the rest of the competition by getting our first win in the fourth division. Although we were a bit thin for numbers after a lacklustre week on the track (get to training), the focus was purely on getting the W on Saturday against West Brunswick on their deck. It was a special occasion with former Unders captain Will Penhalluriack and everyone’s favourite Jayshiv Rewal playing their 50th games for the club.

With Coach Cuddles pulling the old ‘put the time at 8:18 so blokes rock up at 8:28’ manoeuvre the boys were geared up and ready to go after a strong warm up pre-game. The opening quarter saw the High School come out firing with the message to ‘put the arm across’ being essential in a highly physical contest. Looking to use our run and carry out of the middle we were led well by Jamie ‘JRS>HRS’ Radcliffe-Smith providing good clean use early on. Quick ball movement and good positioning around the stoppages allowed our half-backs and wingers get the ball out and hit up leading targets Ashan ‘Ganesh’ Wijayakumara and Oscar ‘The Big O/The O Show/Roo Roo/Sarge’ Sargeant providing strong options up forward. We went into the break having kicked 5.6 whilst our strong backline kept the opposition scoreless.

After being shown up by people about half their age West Brunswick came out in the second quarter looking to put their foot down. The physical nature of the game proved costly with Jayshiv going down with a concussion midway through the quarter after a large bump cutting his game short after he had been a strong contributor all morning. Although we won the quarter on the scoreboard which included a slick goal from Nick ‘Meatball’ Wood, we went into the major break with a few blokes down and the possibility of letting our lead slip.

With clear instructions at halftime the boys came out strong with our backline proving essential as their rebound play prevented the opposition from gaining a foothold in the game. Intercept mark after intercept mark from Alec ‘The Big Lank’ Webster and Tom ‘Is it Golzy or Goldsy?’ Golz were critical as they pushed from the back and opened the game up with excellent use of the pill. With a half-backline looking to switch the ball and good run provided by Stephan ‘Tony’ Raikes we were able to hold off their attack and put a couple on the board ourselves.

Heading into the final quarter we had a few more casualties with their bigger bodies being thrown around even taking out Chris ‘Let me go back on’ King. Nevertheless, as was the story of the day excellent tap work from James ‘Scoooootteer’ Scott and Lachie ‘Big Dopey Ruckman’ Pethica around the ground ensured that we pushed clear in the last quarter and put the game well out of reach. After taking a knock to the head Will ‘The Bandage’ Penhalluriack managed to slot two brilliant goals in his 50th marking a good win for the High School. Thanks goes out to leadership shown by Knackers and the assistance of the two fellas who helped make up the numbers as without them we would have been in some strife.

Big game to come against Richmond Central to continue our form on their home ground.

Go Corns!

Goals: A. Wijayakumara 5, O. Sargeant 2, W. Penhalluriack 2, N. Wood, E. Vassos, B. Mitchell, J. Radcliffe-Smith
Best: J. Radcliffe-Smith, A. Webster, S. Raikes, J. Scott, T. Golz, W. Penhalluriack