Round 5 Club18 Match Report

Therry Penola:  5.5-35
MHSOBFC Green: 13.19-97

The Thirds trekked out to Oak Park over the weekend, making their longest journey of the season to take on Clubbies new arrival, Therry Penola. With little to no knowledge about Therry, the Unicorns took no chances early and attacked the game hard in the first term, the midfield led by Ben Southam overwhelming a beleaguered Therry in the opening quarter.

The Unicorns had most of the play early through some Adam Ashton ruck dominance but Therry Penola rallied in the second term and started to work

their way back into the game. Applying some serious pressure across the ground the Therrians chipped away at the margin bringing it down to one point going into half time.

After some sage like words from spiritual guru, mentor and coach, Dukes Johnson, the Unicorns recaptured their edge from

The first term and took over the game in the third. Adam Granger, put on a masterclass in the back half, so much so he snuck forward for a sneaky full backs goal.

The pressure was unrelenting in the final term, with Stu Grigg, Josh Vellin and James Hansford taking full control of the midfield. Arran Bouten had another solid day manufacturing goals out of nothing to walk away with a bag of four. Tom Grigg cemented his place across half back, leading charge from defence. While Ben Southam was instrumental again with what seemed liked a triple figured disposal game.

Goals: A. Bouten 4, B. Seeley 2, L. Dean 2, J. Vellin, A. Granger, M. Kahraman, A. Kuang, J. Hansford
Best: B. Southam, A. Ashton, J. Vellin, A. Granger, A. Bouten, S. Grigg