Round 6 Club18 Match Report

MHSOBFC Green: 8.18-66

Ormond:  12.9-81

Missed opportunities. They haunt us. It’s not hard to imagine Mark Latham sitting at home late at night ruing his missed opportunity to become Prime Minister. Or Dave Mustaine thinking back on how he could have enjoyed Metallica’s sweet success. And remember there’s a Blockbuster Executive who said no to buying Netflix in its infancy and probably still defends the decision. Our game against Ormond was one of those moments. We managed to kick eight goals EIGHTEEN. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is straighter than that.

The opening quarter saw the High dominant in the middle, Adam Ashton winning more tapouts than Rhonda Rousy, allowing Jim James Hansford to act like Jim Henson, making muppets of the the opposition around him. With strong support from Ben Southam and Josh Vellin, there was plenty of supply to the forward line, however we managed to make more meals of it than a Masterchef episode. With shots after shot seeing behind after behind, it was like an early 2000s Kylie Minogue video, just less pleasing. It was left to the big Abe, Arran Bouten to break the trend, slotting one through after marking strongly.  Meanwhile Ormond showed efficiency going forward, kicking 3 goals despite a strong showing from our back six.

The second produced more of the same. Hard work down back by Adam Granger and Calum Bennett was complemented by the intercept marking of Tom Grigg to repel attack after attack, however we struggled bringing the ball forward from half back, the ball repeatedly turned over on the half forward flank after we failed to bring it inboard to better options.  In a dominant first half, Jim Hansford managed to slot one through with a snap from the forward pocket, however the missed opportunities were mounting up with his goal accompanied by 4 behinds for the quarter.

With emphasis at half time being placed on slowing down, looking in board and giving our forwards a chance, it was a renewed MHSOB Green that came out onto the park in the third. With Stuart Grigg and Ben Southam getting the ball moving, it was Chris Miller who made the big difference with his centering deliveries into the forward line feeding Arran Bouten. Kicking four for the quarter, Bouten was like a pastiche of the 16th American President meeting the Terminator, let’s call it an Abe-anator. Or a Boutenator. Or Boutieshaker. Whatever he was he was great.

As too were our defenders. In a frenetic quarter, the ball moved end to end frequently, Henry Hénry Paye and Matt Grylls working fastidiously amongst the stalwarts of Granger, Tom Grigg and Bennett. Another highlight was Stu Grigg’s awesome intercept of a kick from Ormond’s defensive goal square, Stu watching and waiting like a hawk, then pouncing like a Boutenator to add another major to the scoreboard. But after a dominant start to the quarter, Ormond hit back hard, giving our defenders no chance. Their five goals straight were as efficient as …a Boutenator.

With the game in the balance at three quarter time and Ormond holding just a 5 point lead, it would come down to whether we could play the game out like we started the third. Alas, it was not to be. Ormond’s Boutenator-like efficiency robbed us of a chance to climb up the ladder, their 2 goals 6 for the quarter closing the gate as we were only able to add one major to the board courtesy of  …the Boutenator.

Goals: A. Bouten 6, S. Grigg, J. Hansford
Best: S. Grigg, T. Grigg, A. Granger, C. Bennett, A. Bouten, J. Hansford