Round 6 Seniors Match Report

Yarra OG:   18.13-121

MHSOBFC:  7.4-46

After a tough defeat against Uni high, the Senior’s looked to embrace their 3rd quarter efforts against Yarra Valley Old Grammarians. Yarra looked to knock Melbourne high out of the top 4 and thus had everything to fight for, locked in at 8 points until the start of the match as opposed to the High’s 12. Despite lacking midfield power from Titch Wilson, B. Cook looked to be a promising replacement, joined by Whittaker back from injury and Debutant Jordan Cullen.

Our first quarter seemed to take on exactly where our last quarter from Uni High had taken off, Yarra valley dominating the centre clearances and working their zone from our halfback line, indeed proving difficult for us to penetrate the corridor. They took an early lead and held onto it with what appeared to be a 5-goal wind at stages in the first quarter leaving scores 7-39, Yarra Valley’s way.

Working against the grain throughout the match was Will Suhr, who willingly was forced to step up in Noodle’s absence. He had a major impact throughout the match standing in as the tall target even participating in some crumbing to his own taps at times. Returning from injury, Cook also at times produced some fantastic clearances through the midfield that often went unnoticed as Yarra valley were able to rebound the ball with finesse and speed, prevalent during the course of the game.

With the grunt of debutant JC going down after a knee niggle early in the first half, it was up to trusty Forward Kane Smith to give MHSOB something to fight for, and although he gave significant reason to booting five goals by the close of the match, he was unable to produce a gutsy comeback like the reserves.

Medical Room

  • Louis Phillips
  • JC – Knee

Returns likely by next week:

  • Titch Wilson

Next Game:

On the back of our away game, the Seniors and Reserves look to face St John’s in round 7, the school from which No.6 draft pick Jaiden Stephenson has arisen from in 2017’s AFL draft. Dandenong’s St John’s have no reason to fear us and it will certainly tipped to be a tight match, with a notable draw against Bulleen Templestowe, of whom we only won against by a mere 6 points.

Goals: K. Smith 5, M. Fennessy-Kent, T. Rendell
Best: K. Smith, W. Suhr, J. Tran, T. Rendell, A. Lane, M. La Fontaine