Round 7 Reserves Match Report

St Johns:    3.2-20

MHSOBFC:  16.8-104

Having recently claimed top spot on the ladder, the Unicorns headed out to Thomas Carroll Reserve to take on St Johns. The Reserves were buoyed by the return of everyones favourite duo, Big Tom Norton and Benny ‘Birdman’ Burton. The two wasted no time with Norton feeding ruck taps to Birdy bursting out of the middle. The dominant mid field combination, with the addition of the one legged Ged,  helped setup an early 26 point lead at the first break.

The trend continued into the second quarter where it became evident that Sam Hayes was playing one of his best games for the Unicorns. He consistently provided overlap run from the backline and hard ball gets. This helped setup a commanding lead at half time with the Unicorns maintaining a clean sheet, leading St Johns 45 – 0. Knackers played well early but needed to leave at half time for a date with his new misses. Bernie obliged given his first relationship was 36 years in the making.

St John’s hit back early in the third quarter kicking two consecutive goals. While holding a dominant position in the game, the Unicorns struggled with attacking ball movement and were encouraged to look inboard to open up the ground. The unicorns regained ascendency to win the quarter and lead 71 – 12 at the break. Much to everyone’s demise, Brock backed up last week’s dominant performance with another bag of goals.

The youthful Jarrod Gowse had an excellent debut for the Reserves. He built in confidence as the game went on, spinning and attacking the ball and spinning some more.

With no bench in the final quarter, Bernie Pretty evacuated the forward line and slotted himself at full forward. Full of confidence, Bernie attempted to repeat last week’s contested mark into pirouetting goal. However, this time he snapped the ball from the boundary and watched it sail past all four posts and land in the neighbouring Apex street.

The Unicorns ran out the game and at the final siren led 104 – 20. There was an additional winner on the day with Chad “the Golf Cart” Hewish managing to snag himself a beautiful fiancee. Congratulations Chad!

Goals: R. Brock 5, M. Mazoletti 4, B. Pretty 3, W. Garwood, A. Barbas, S. Hayes, L. Young
Best: S. Hayes, G. Colreavy, A. Barbas, A. Tran, S. Allardice, C. Pearson