Round 7 Under 21 Match Report

MHSOBFC Maroon: 20.15-135

Therry Penola:       4.4-28

Heading into the game against bottom table side Therry Penola, the Development Squad were looking to continue their winning form of recent weeks. Watching the Club 18 kick a few snags to gain the win against our division opponent Prahran Assumption gave us further reason to be confident going into the game.

A slow start to the game saw the boys turning the ball over and wasting opportunities in front our goal. An inability to use the switch option meant that our use from the backline was cut off by Therry as they looked to rebound from our kicks down the line. We were lucky not to be punished for our poor kicking in front of goal as we peppered early opportunities by blazing away and not assessing the leading targets. A lack of chat contributed to these early issues as blokes were running around like the chickens from chicken run. It was unusual for the team to start poorly; however, the physicality of the larger Therry pluggers motivated the boys to put in a stronger performance.

After consolidating at quarter time our midfielders looked to take their time and use the pill wisely when moving the ball forward. The theme of defender turned forward continued as Steven ‘Boooooooo’ Raikes, Byron ‘Train Delay/Put me forward’ Gunn, and especially Jeremy ‘Get a haircut’ Chadwick were able to utilise the open space in the forward line with Jeremy becoming our new dangerous option as he slotted snag after snag as a result of gut running and good tackling pressure. As the half went on we gained greater composure on the ball through clear heads in the middle as a result of setting up by using the four points. This allowed for midfielders Jamie ‘Lips’ Radcliffe-Smith and Jayshiv ‘Pest’ Rewal through strong chat around the ground have taps put down their throats from our two tall timbers Lachlan ‘Baby Girrafe’and James ‘Scoooooter’ Scott.

Although Therry seemed determined not to be shown up by people half their age, the boys began to use their run and carry to open up the game by utilising the switch across and ground and strong leaders up the corridor from star forwards Oscar ‘Conley or Comley?’ Sargeant and Ashan ‘loves a snap’ Wijayakumara whilst Lachie ‘Pinpoint’ Dowling slotted it through the middle courtesy of his perfect drop punts. In a particularly bruising game it was positive to see Alec ‘The Big Lank’ Webster and Al ‘Hi Vis’ Rogers as two of the smaller players in the team bringing intense tackling pressure that resulted in turnovers. A particular highlight was Al wrapping up one of the chirpier individuals on the opposition in a bone crunching tackle as he tried to take on four blokes. Genuine brick wall.

With the aim to push the lead to 100 points, the ability of the Development Squad to run out the game as clear winners needs to be taken onto the track as we prepared for a tough run of games.

Go Corns!

Goals: J. Chadwick 4, L. Dowling 3, S. Raikes 2, H. Radcliffe-Smith 2, T. Finney 2, B. Gunn 2, A. Wijayakumara 2, O. Sargeant, J. Timson, N. Campbell
Best: J. Chadwick, L. Dowling, A. Webster, A. Rogers, J. Rewal, T. Finney