Round 8 Reserves Match Report

MHSOBFC:  31.24-210

Power House AFC: 3.1-19

The MHSOBFC reserve side looked to maintain recent momentum and continue the years unbeaten streak with a visit from Power House AFC to the mighty high school. In stark contrast to their club name, the opposition appeared less than ‘Powerful’ from the first bounce – beginning the game with only 17 players on the field. Local business guru and serial entrepreneur Sam ‘X-blades’ Hayes took full advantage of the numerical advantage collecting disposals at will off the half back line – helping set up a 6 goal to one first term.

The trend continued into the second quarter with Big Tom ‘Tom’ Norton dominating ruck contests and providing first use to the Unicorn midfield. Brendan ‘the human blowtorch’ Cook led the way in the middle, wasting no opportunity to take on a tackle and drive the ball long forward, regardless of the sheer number of opponents (or teammates) around him. Despite the wayward kicking efforts of Billy ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ Rebakis the ‘Corns went in to the major break with a commanding 88-point lead.

A half time re-shuffle of the decks by head coach and legendary tactician Bernard ‘Napolean’ Pretty saw everyone’s favourite stoic backmen duo Ward ‘Gar-hood’ Garwood and Bill ‘One goal is a bag’ Hart drift further upfield, to assist in applying additional scoreboard pressure. Despite the tactical masterstroke, it was the formidable forward trio of Jordan ‘Stickers’ Cullen, Tony ‘Jimmy’ Tran and Benny ‘Benassi’ Burton who did the heavy lifting ensuring the team went into the final break with a dominate lead.

The final quarter saw plenty of highlights as the Unicorns continued to score at will – including the rare sighting of returning former captain and all round good guy Shannon ‘Whitest shoes alive’ Keough inside the forward 50. The end of another dominant term saw the Corns boost percentage and run away with a 210 – 19 victory, a welcome tune up for next week’s top of the table clash against Whitefriars

Goals: W. Rebakis 5, A. Tran 4, B. Burton 4, W. Garwood 3, B. Cook 3, M. Mazoletti 2, M. Bradshaw 2, M. Duran 2, C. Hewish, W. Hart, J. Cullen, S. Hayes, S. Keough, D. Curtin
Best: T. Norton, S. Hayes, J. Cullen, D. Curtin, A. Tran, W. Rebakis