Round 8 Seniors Match Report

MHSOBFC:  24.14-158

Power House AFC: 8.8-56

The seniors were keen to continue to be in the winning books after their convincing success in round 7 against St Johns. Powerhouse came out with a tall side ready to pounce at the first bounce. No match however for the big Noodle who dominated in the stoppages and around the ground.

Chris Tetaz electrified the team with an impressive 3 goal quarter in the first, leading the seniors into quarter time with a convincing lead. Ged and BJ controlled the midfield with impressive clearances and body strength around the footy. Sharp shooter and skipper, Kane Smith worked his way into the game and finished on 6 goals.

After copping a hefty spray from their coach at half time, power house was bound to attack the footy hard. It was clear the message was to play man on man and rein in the ever-attacking Unicorns. As Melbourne High pulled away thanks to Jye Sandiford and Titch Wilson’s composure, powerhouse seemed to fall away with their pressure around the contest.

Overall a great team effort by MHS with some equally impressive individual performances.

Goals: K. Smith 6, C. Tetaz 3, J. Tran 3, L. Phillips 2, A. Barbas 2, W. Suhr 2, W. Hellier 2, J. Sandiford, R. Brock, M. Bouwmeester, M. Fennessy-Kent
Best: G. Colreavy, B. Jordan, G. Arangio, K. Smith, A. Littore, J. Pagonis