Round 9 Reserves Match Report

Whitefriars FC: 9.5-59

MHSOBFC:  13.14-92

The ressies ventured out to Donvale in the anticipated ‘top of the table’ clash against the formidable Whitefriars Football Club, who have been putting sides away all year. As the team arrived, the surprise inclusions of Campelj and Mcwhinney added to what was already an extremely impressive MHSOBA outfit on paper. It was only fitting that a perfect day weather wise, in addition to a very well kept deck awaited both sides.

The boys started off slowly, with Whitefriars demonstrating their ability to move the ball quickly and efficiently around their huge home deck. MHS were somewhat taken aback by Friars early ability to spread and use the width of their massive home ground. The boys however responded quickly with Parko and Campelj lifting the intensity around the ball, leading to more contested footy being developed around the ground. The game shifted and slowly became played on ‘our terms’.

The two human freight trains, Duran and Cullen threw their weight around the contest and Whitefriars slowly started to realise that for the first time this year, they were up against a side who would really take it to them. Parko was winning so much contested ball that his body could have doubled as a smoke machine at seven nightclub during the half time break.

In the second half, Tommy Norton had the ball on the string. It literally became a matter of where the onballers were asking him to place the pill and without fail, he consistently delivered. In what was a very pleasing display, Matt Bradshaw continued to develop as a very good leader of our football club and the coach’s project player ‘Chalky’ continued to improve in spades, winning just about every one on one contest he was faced with.

The boys ended up running all over Whitefriars in the last, with the final 15 minutes being very much playing out the game. Knackers and the Golf Cart Hewish made the most of expansive wings, whilst Rebakis and Mazoletti left little reminders to the opposition for next time as to how good they are one on one.

Coach Pretty doesn’t get much credit in these reports, but it was clear that today, and finally – the boys attitude matched their ability. It is a credit to him that a culture of playing as the ‘good guys’ has led us to be 9-0 at the break, with the best part being that there are a still few more gears to go yet.

There was nothing better than spending a Saturday winning and looking after our mates, and seeing all 21 teammates get around Dome after the game, who has had an incredibly tough week. This one was very much for you mate.

Goals: B. Cook 3, R. Parkinson 2, A. Lim 2, J. McWhinney 2, M. Mazoletti, M. Bradshaw, J. Cullen, J. Moran
Best: R. Parkinson, B. Cook, T. Norton, J. Cullen, S. Keough, K. McDonald