Round 10 Reserves Match Report

MHSOBFC:  29.21-195

Eltham Collegians AFC: 3.2-20

As the half waypoint of the season passed the reserves looked to keep their perfect record in tact as Old Eltham visited the Woodfull-Miller. Carrying names like Campelj, Parkinson, JMcWhinney, Hewish and Curwood into the game, it looked like it would be a tough outing for the Turtles from the outset. The long awaited debut of Matthew Sibberas also created a growing buzz in the pregame change room.

The ‘Corns didn’t disappoint as Ben Burton led Old Eltham 4 goals to 1 in the first term. The rest of the team added 6 as the boys worked hard from the stoppage and allowed the forward line every opportunity to capitalise. Smith and JMcWhinney dominated the ruck, giving any Unicorn midfielder first touch.

As the game progressed and the conditions held out, the Unicorns held strong and tried to stick to BP’s constructive coaching points. After another solid quarter the team carried an 81-point lead into the half it looked like the result may have been determined. The much discussed duo of Campelj and Sibberas really waxing throughout the contest.

Plenty got in on the action in the second half as the main focus shifted towards effort and consistency. The inspiration leader Pearson and the ever explosive Duran anchored the backline, distributing the footy up the wings to the not so inspiration Kris McDonald and not so explosive Ryan Curwood (although both had days out).

MFK, Rebakis, Moran and Cook all got in on the goals throughout the day. But one of the highlights was definitely Shannon Keough being ‘released’ into the forward 50 and managing to ‘turn’ his defender inside out and kicking the sausage from the ‘boundary line.’ Please see Shannon if you would like an in depth play by play.

An even spread across the day was the pleasing sign as the reserves ended up run away winners 195 – 20 and can take a rich vein of form into the back half of the year.

Goals: B. Burton 5, W. Rebakis 4, M. Fennessy-Kent 4, T. Campelj 3, J. Moran 3, J. McWhinney 2, S. Keough 2, C. Hewish 2, T. Beale, J. Smith, B. Cook, K. McDonald
Best: T. Campelj, M. Sibberas, J. Smith, J. McWhinney, W. Rebakis, B. Cook