Round 10 Seniors Match Report

MHSOBFC:  22.16-148

Eltham Collegians AFC: 5.4-34

Excitement was a ‘buzz’ at the Woodfull-Miller on Saturday afternoon after the senior team had the pleasure of watching all three other Unicorn sides battle it out on Saturday morning. The seniors faced Eltham College, with an opportunity to celebrate many occasions; James Tran playing in game 150, club favourite Zac Smooker playing in game 100, and Oscar “the buzz, the big O” Sargeant debuting for the seniors.

The Senior got off to a hot start with a 7 goal first quarter. The midfield was dominant with +12 clearances, and the coaches demand for composure and possession were heeded.
The second quarter followed suit with the first and despite a late Turtles goal, the Unicorns held a handy lead at 1/2 time.
Despite a spiritied effort from the Turtles, the Unicorns were able to continue pushing on in the 2nd half and run out convincing 100+ points victors. An incredible 15 individual goal kickers on the day, and a BOG effort from BJ.

There was cause for celebration at the Cocktail Night that ensued, where 150 game legend James Tran was heard claiming that he has 11 games left in his career before finishing up on 161 games, in tribute to his favourite evening haunt.

Goals: K. Smith 6, O. Sargeant 2, M. La Fontaine 2, A. Littore, L. Phillips, A. Barbas, B. Jordan, J. Sandiford, W. Hellier, A. Lane, J. Tran, G. Colreavy, M. Wilson, H. Radcliffe-Smith, W. Suhr
Best: B. Jordan, J. Pagonis, L. Phillips, M. Wilson, J. Tran, A. Lane