Round 12 Reserves Match Report

MHSOBFC:   22.30-162

St. Johns:  2.4-16

Round 12 was a big occasion for the Unicorn community with one of its favourite sons running out for his 200th game for the football club. As the reserves prepared for a home contest against St Johns the focus was on the great Andrew Lim and his contributions to the MHSOBFC.

BP spoke many kind words of the kind of footballer and teammate that Limmy has been over the years. From an Under 19s VAFA representative player to Premiership Vice Captain Limmy has been an integral part of the footy club and this was a special day for the reserves group. Amidst the celebrations there will still a game to be played and the reserves focus was solely on maintaining an unbeaten record. The Unicorns came of the blokes strong but couldn’t convert on the scoreboard. The boys were definitely on-top but kicking 1.9 to 1.0 in the first quarter kept St Johns in touch.

However the midfield, led by JC and TTran, were ahead from the outset. As the game progressed the opportunities kept coming and as the forward line started to click the Corns pulled away. Hawking and Rebakis were unstoppable talls up forward, converting being the only issue. The backline was solid as ever and only allowed another goal for the rest of the day.

The class rose to the occasion as the like of Lim’s left foot, Dome, Brick and Jones took over the game, propelling the team into a commanding position. As per usual BP threw the magnets around in the last with the Big Cheese Allardice and Shagga running the forward 50 and Mazoletti and Rebakis looking very lost down back.

The goals kept coming as TTran dominated the day in an exceptional performance. The day didn’t disappoint for Limmy’s 200th as the Corns ran away winners by 160 in a dominant team display. With a 12-0 record the reserves have a solid hold on the league but need to keep the foot down as the biggest tests of the year are still to come.

Goals: M. Mazoletti 4, N. Hawking 4, A. Lim 3, W. Rebakis 3, A. Tran 2, B. Burton 2, L. Toman, A. Jones, C. Hewish, B. Hennessy
Best: A. Lim, A. Tran, J. Cullen, M. Mazoletti, B. Hennessy, L. Toman