Round 14 Seniors Match Report

MHSOB              12.4-76

Whitefriars   15.14-106

“Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib?” Job 39:9-12

The Unicorn, described as “fierce, fleet of foot and strong” among numerous cultures and religions; the greek bestiary, however, speaks more of it’s medicinal benefits. Believing the horn yields protection from stomach troubles, epilepsy and even poison – unfortunately, the list doesn’t include a round 14 defeat by Whitefriars.

With the season on the line and a fresh wound from the preceding round, the unicorns, alas, couldn’t stave the side sitting above and set the wheels in motion for an indubitable finals fiesta.

Throughout the game, the unicorns nipped at the Whitefriars ankles, keeping the score within a bakers dozen for most of the day. With a delicious performance from Jarrad ‘Snipes’ Pagonis down in the backline, Jimmy ‘I’ll Take Two’ Tran through the mid and Kane ‘Collateral Concussion’ Smith in the forward; the passion unfortunately couldn’t convert to our scoreboard, conceding our victory by a mere 28 points.

Despite the heart wrenching defeat, news of injured star back-man Luke ‘Get around me’ Whittaker and an egregious post game shot gun by Shannon Keough, the atmosphere around the club is still seeping with positivity, while two of our four are set to light it up come September.

Goals: K. Smith 3, A. Littore 2, T. Campelj, W. Suhr, J. Tran, M. La Fontaine, T. Beale, G. Colreavy, H. Radcliffe-Smith
Best: J. Tran, J. Pagonis, A. Littore, M. La Fontaine, K. Smith, A. Barba