Round 16 Club18 Match Report

Prahran Assumption  16.16-112

MHSOBFC                          1.4-10

As we rolled up to a windy Basil St Reserve, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the same team the took on Xavs in the 2014 Clubbies Grand Final in the clubbies’ inaugural year. In what was a real comeback vibe, 10 players from that team all pulled on the boots and 1 was moving the magnets around – 4 years older and 4 years wiser.

Today we were celebrating the careers of two blokes that were part of the clubbies foundation team, Damien Grantham and Jamie Anderson. Damo has been the hardnut of the midfield – known for getting concussed or cracking a rib or popping a shoulder, leaving the ground in absolute agony, then fronting up the next week in perfect nick; a post-game dart usually doing wonders in kickstarting the rehab and recovery. Ando has been at the club for over 15 years after attending Melbourne High School and graduating in 1996 (yep, he’s old). Ando has been the rock of the backline for the clubbies, always finding a way to cut off an opposition attack or ignite a rebound with a clever switch.

Ando ‘won’ the toss, but we didn’t get off to the best of starts, conceding a few too many goals in the first quarter. Ando nearly had to be taken off the ground early for treatment for leather poisoning – he was everywhere! Damo handed over the reins to new midfield bull Jimmy Hansford who managed to dig himself into the bottom of every contest and set the tone for the lads early.

After being blown away in the first quarter, the boys knuckled down, determined to make this a real contest. Sparks turn to flames when we heard Chris Miller yelling at the top of his lungs something along the lines of: “look at this! What are you doing! Umpire! You can clearly see this! He’s holding me by the throat!!” whilst making eye contact with the man in fluro green. The scuffle broke up, but as Chris often finds a way of doing, a few extra niggles led to another eruption, this time Miller The Second joined in on the action.

The second half saw the lads put in a much stronger performance. Dukes gave us the threat that anyone seen on their own when we didn’t have the ball would be dragged, and the tactic to go man-on-man worked a treat. In pretty tough and windy conditions, we were able to stem the bleeding and keep Prahran to just a couple of goals in the second half.

Goals: D. Esdaile
Best: A. Jones, J. Hansford, T. Grigg, J. Anderson, R. Coxon, A. Ashton