Finals Round 1 Under 21 Match Report

MHSOB              10.7-67

Richmond Central  7.7-49

Following a mature display to hold off a vastly improved Therry Penola side on their deck the Development Squad were looking to put in a strong performance against Richmond Central in front of our home crowd at the Woodfull-Miller. The earlier poor rainy conditions did not dampen (pun intended) the pre-game excitement as many our older boys were playing their first final for MHSOBFC.

The tougher than expected Richmond came out hard early looking to be physically imposing through their larger bodies; however, with a focus on run and carry and switching the play to the fat side we were able to release our wingers and half-backs Rob ‘Shocking Pill’ Rae and Hugh ‘The better RS’ Radcliffe-Smith and penetrate deep into the forward line. The work put into place by our midfield at training started to show as the dynamic Ruck brother combo of ‘Scoooooter’ Scott and Alistair ‘Jooooooter’ Scott placed the pill down our throats and gain valuable clearances. The boys were up and about after an intercept mark and play on snag from Nick ‘Stallion’ Campbell who clearly thoroughly enjoyed slotting one in front of the peanut gallery evidenced by the double first pump celebration that ensued.

Wanting to continue the momentum into the second quarter the run continued with the focus on getting it down to Ashan ‘Ferrari’ Wijayakumara who was unable to be beaten in the 1 one 1 contest either taking the grab or bringing it to ground where Jeremy ‘Get a haircut’ Chadwick was rewarded for being at the fall of the ball with two excellent goals. We went into halftime with a handy lead but were looking to keep the distance from a valiant Richmond side with nothing to lose.

This proved to be the tale of the third quarter as although our backs were consistently strong we lost the upper hand in the midfield allowing for them to break the lines and threaten the goal front. Without the strong performances from James ‘Timmmmaaa’ Timson and Byron ‘Look at my triceps’ Gunn with the former stepping around blokes like no tomorrow in a best on performance and the latter putting the fist in it could have been much worse. However, new lad Darcy ‘Get around me’ Wilmott putting a clutch snag through on the third quarter siren got everyone incredibly up and about and it looked very hard for us to lose it from there.

With the focus from Michael ‘Biomed Bar Night’ Mitchell being on locking the ball down and taking our time the boys were able to control the game and take the heat out of the contest. The final siren went and secured another fantastic final win by the Development Squad. Further mention to Jarrod ‘Also get a haircut’ Growse and Tom ‘I wish you hadn’t got a haircut’ Golz for their strong performances using their run and break tackles and provide for our half-forwards.

Another massive fixture against Old Xaverians at a familiar ground will be one not to miss.

Go Corns!

Goals: A. Wijayakumara 3, Z. Comley 2, J. Chadwick 2, D. Wilmott, J. Growse, N. Campbell
Best: J. Timson, N. Campbell, J. Growse, T. Golz, J. Scott, D. Wilmott