Finals Round 2 Under 21 Match Report

MHSOB              17.13-115

Old Xaverians        3.5-21

Fresh off the back of an inspired win against the tough Richmond AFC in the Elimination Final, The Trinity, err, Melbourne High Old Boys Dev Squad travelled out to Bulleen, to Trinity Sporting Grounds, to take on an old foe in Old Xaverians; who had been a part of a cracking encounter early in the year. A strong warm up was critical, as Lachlan ‘Skip’ McKinnon took the young Jnrcorns through their paces. Under the relative sun of the Hudson Oval, Michael ‘Cuddles’ Mitchell implored in his troops to start off on the right foot, to use the fast start that we had employed so well against our foes of the previous round, to put some distance between us and the foe quickly.

Coming into Quarter Time, the Jnrcorns held a 24 to 6 point advantage; highlighted by some phenomenal midfield and forward work; particularly by the resident giant James ‘Scooter’ Scott in the ruck and the very capable hands of Hugh ‘The other’ Radcliffe Smith, partnered with exceptional tackling pressure.

The second quarter brought steady improvement, however left us ruing our accuracy, with 6.8 (44) having the potential to be quite a more significant sum. This tighter quarter saw the hard work of the defence come through, Alec ‘The Stick’ Webster and Tom ‘CC’ Golz seemingly running around traffic cones, with regular workhorses Daniel ‘Tiger Time’ Golikov and James ‘Trident’ Timson marking up dutifully. In his 50th game, Jamie ‘Wiz’ Radcliffe-Smith was having a typically tough game, throwing himself into packs and opponents.

Coming out after half time; the boys were reminded of the importance of the premiership quarter; to not let the team back into the game as they surely would push. And indeed, the Jnrcorns fought hard to establish an even greater lead, kicking 4.4 (28) to bring their total to 72. With Ashan ‘The GOAT’ Wijayakumara well on his way to a bag, Lachlan ‘ The Faciliator’ Dowling pulling the strings and Chris ‘Kinga’ King breaking tackles and even kicking goals, things were looking good.

The final quarter blew out to a 94 lead by the end, reminiscent of the Jnrcorns’ destruction of De La Salle exactly a year beforehand. Highlighted by strong play from William ‘Penny’ Penhalluriack and Robert ‘Bobby’ Rae, The boys looked calm confident and composed as they finished out the game. A special highlight was the wonderful playmaking ability of Jarrod ‘Growsy’ Growse as he set up teammates all day, including another 50th gamer with the final kick of the game.

Bring on Hawthorn!

Goals: A. Wijayakumara 5, H. Radcliffe-Smith 3, J. Growse 2, C. King 2, L. Dowling 2, M. Glover, D. Wilmott, Z. Comley Burns, B. Gunn
Best: A. Wijayajumara, H. Radcliffe Smith, W. Penhalluariack, J. Scott, R. Rae, L. Dowling