Round 18 Reserves Match Report

MHSOBFC        18.11-119

Yarra Old Gram.   3.8-26

On Saturday we saw MHSOBFC at home against Yarra. Yarra were coming off a close loss against Parade the week before and Parade beat us only a few weeks ago so we knew it was important to get off to a good start. This was also the last round before finals so it was vital we played good footy for four quarters to keep the momentum going into our first elimination final next week.

The first quarter we started pretty well, kicking 5 goals to Yarra’s 2. We were kicking slightly against the wind so we were pretty happy with the start. The second quarter went very similar to the first, kicking 5 goals again to Yarra’s 1. The weather had been fine for the first half and we knew the rain was coming so it was great to get off to a good healthy lead.

In the third quarter it began to rain and hail pretty bad for about 15 minutes which slowed up the game and although the sun came out again in the fourth, the ball stayed heavy and the ground was pretty wet. We ended up kicking 8 goals in the second half and managed to keep Yarra goaless which was very pleasing.

We ended up winning by 15 goals, a great effort by our lads. M. Fennessy-Kent and J. Moran stared up forward, each kicking 4 goals. H. Paye played his best game for the club which was fantastic to see. Off to our elimantion final next Sunday and I look forward to getting one back over Parade.

Go Corns!

Goals: J. Moran 4, M. Fennessy-Kent 4, W. Garwood 3, L. Toman 3, J. McWhinney 2, T. Chalk-Hatton, T. Norton
Best: M. Duran, H. Paye, M. Fennessy-Kent, J. Moran, T. Rendell, S. Keough