Round 3 Reserves Match Report

Coming off the Easter break, the reserves were keen to prove that they will be a tough egg to crack this season. Co-coach Luke Campbell would not have to wait long to see his team pick up where they left off. Damian “The Gul” Proksa competed out of the middle to ensure the ‘corns got first use and Mark Ham found plenty of the contested ball early. Rob Rae and Tom Rendell then used the ball well on the outside to deliver forward cleverly.

Unfortunately for Hawthorn they would find themselves tucked away in a small suburban oval with few places to hide. Some great clearance work from Matt Duran and unrelenting run from debutants Nathan Brown and Matt Brancatisano would see MHS claw their way out to a handy 70 point halftime lead.

The second half started with an X-plosion, as Sam “XBlades” Hayes put some X-tra easter kg’s to his advantage, steamrolling through an X-tremely unlucky Hawthorn midfielder. It would set the scene for the steamrolling the rest of the Hawthorn team would soon X-perience.

As for the scoreboard, Matthew Bradshaw would not not starved for supply up-forward, devouring 5, a tally equalled by the “Double Cobra” JRS who celebrated as well as he played. They were amply assisted by Lachie Dowling, who broke a tough tag and Will Hellier, who hopped to it all day, both with 4.

The four quarter effort saw the Unicorns run out comfortably to a 174 point win, a 29-goal performance continuing their unbeaten start.

Hawthorn AFC 1.1-7 3.2-20 3.2-20 3.4-22

Mhsob 7.5-47 13.12-90 20.16-136 29.22-196

Goal Kickers: M. Bradshaw 5, J. Radcliffe-Smith 5, L. Dowling 4, W. Hellier 4, A. Drew 3, M. Fennessy-Kent 2, O. Sargeant, D. Proksa, M. Brancatisano, T. Rendell, J. Pagonis, J. Growse

Best: M. Duran, D. Proksa, S. Hayes, J. Radcliffe-Smith, L. Dowling, W. Hellier