Round 4 Senior Match Report

Our Senior side played the late game in what was our first triple header for the year at the High School. Recording our first win for the season last week against Hawthorn (in spectacular fashion) we unfortunately couldn’t string together four quarters this week and went down to a resilient Glen Eira. With the loss of Scotty Braithwaite coming into this round we knew we would need to lift to replace what he had given us for the first few rounds We wish the best of luck for Scotty in his recovery and look forward to his end of year footy trip.

We didn’t quite have the start we were hoping for without scoring a major in the first term, this carried through to half time with the Unicorns only having kicked 2 goals at the main break. Tackling pressure, or lack thereof was a big letdown with tackles counts way below our expectations.

During the second half, the game opened up much more which allowed a lot more scoring from both sides. Trailing by around 4 goals at the last break proved too much for us recover from going down by 31 points at the final siren. Up front Ashan Wijayakumara was reliable as always, along with Will “Hops” Hellier returning back into the side. Both boys very strong in the air particularly late in the game which was an area we struggled in around other parts of the ground. Bryce Hayes played an outstanding game in which was probably his best for the season so far. Mitch La Fontaine was one of our best providing an abundance of pressure acts along with a goal and Luke Whittaker put in a courageous effort down back from siren to siren as per usual.

Going into the game we had a strong focus on putting in a consistent 4 quarter effort and not achieving this would turn out to be our undoing. We now look forward to refreshing over the Bye week then coming back strong with a win against Yarra.

Final Score – MHSOB: 8.12 – 60 Glen Eira: 12.19 – 91

Goal Kickers: W. Hellier 3, A. Wijayakumara 2, T. Campelj, T. Strickland, M. La Fontaine

Best: L. Whittaker, B. Hayes, A. Wijayakumara, M. La Fontaine, W. Hellier, W. Suhr