Round 5 Thirds Match Report

Coming into the game off a fighting win against Prahran; Melbourne High looked to set the tone early against Monash Blues.


William ‘Nowhere’ Penhalluriack amplified this; showing 2’s quality early with his clearance work; however, Monash Blues hit first. Some ineffective set shots at the Unicorn Club End were righted by Oscar ‘Sarge’ Sargeant with a lovely curling snap out of traffic, followed by a typical Bill ‘Hitman’ Hart goal; 2 metres out in front. Jarrod ‘Growsey’ Growse was silky smooth in his distribution back into traffic.


However; a tight Monash press and a seemingly rusty Unicorns kicking, despite winning the lion share of the contested ball; resulted in some extremely potent Blues forward entries; kicking 4 of the first six goals. Going into quarter time; Monash Blues led; 4.3 to High’s 2.5.


The ‘Corns came into the 2nd Quarter with a fiery intensity. Arran ‘Boots’ Bouten, Lachlan Mcdonough; and James Hansford all saluting; complimented by some fierce all around tacking pressure; notably from the Fireman Cam Patton. On the other end; strong defensive intent was echoed by Chris ‘Birchy’ Birch.


Satisfyingly; the ‘Corns hard efforts were rewarded with another silky effort; and Will ‘Best speech taker in the Unders’ Pen slotted another, then, unthinkably, another to establish a healthy lead; 8.11 59 to  4.5 27.



With Dukesy imploring his troops for more of the same; James Hansford saluted from the first bounce of the third, a remarkable turnaround given the first quarter. Tenacious pressure continued to bring the ball to ground; holding it in our forward zone. Beautiful mitts by Arran ‘Boots’ Bouten, coupled with a delightful kick from the boundary; helped to extend ‘Corns dominance. Cult hero Sarge slotted another beauty from the boundary; and then all of a sudden; with Bill Hart pushing his limits and kicking true from 10 metres in front; the boys in maroon and blue held a commanding lead.


At the end of the third quarter; whilst ruing some errant kicking; the score line was 14.19,103; to 4.4 28.


The Monash Blues; surprisingly; came out of the blocks hard in the 4th; kicking the first snag. Alistair Harkness was a force at work down the back; pushing the ball up the line at ease. Daniel ‘Goli’ Golikov provided some late polish, among a few others. The final score; fantastically; was MHSOB 19.23 147 to 6.6 36.