Round 5 U19s Match Report

A frenetic start at the high saw the ball racing it’s way up and down the woodfull miller. However, the first winners were undoubtedly the ‘Corns;  Cody ‘Der Deutscher’ Graefe hitting a remarkable snap, to be outdone by Flynn ‘Floss’ Adaway’s remarkable (and rare) run through 3 to slot excellently from the boundary; only to be countered by Jeremy’s ‘Chadwick’s superb checkside from exactly the same spot. Ben ‘Donspotting’ Britbart continued his strong return; with some remarkably un-Dylan Shiel-esque disposal efficiency. Not to be outdone, Al’ Tackle King’ Rogers running rampant; hitting the opposition harder than the bank account after a 3 day bender.


Down back; safety was personified in Luke ‘3rd tall’ Franze, clunking with ease. Hugh ‘not a big celebrator’ R.S kicked truely from 30, and a strong start had amplified into a very strong quarter time lead, 5.4 34, to 0.1, 1.


Second quarter started much the same as the first; with the ball held into the Yarra End. Mikel ‘One Man Army’ Eduard, provided some excellent link up play and clearance work (with a broken wrist, naturally). Xabier ‘The Voice’ Tywman helped facilitate a wonderful team effort for Matty ‘Adele’ Glover’s first snag. The forward effort was typified through Aditya ‘DISH’ Munukutla; with an excellent running chase down the wing; which indirectly created the next goal. Another to the Floss was offset by a solitary goal to the Mazenods who must’ve been wondering by now when pres for Code would start. Half time, Melbourne High 9.10 64, to 1.4, 10.


The third quarter brought with it an extra intensity from Mazenod; looking to right the wrongs of the first half. Jeremy ‘JC’ Chadwick dispelled that, kicking a captain’s goal to dampen the energies. The Dish, quickly becoming a cult hero; took advantage of a blatant free kick to slot another. After honestly the most deserved 50m penalty, Gavinu ‘The Gav’ Devpura converted; and the ‘Corns went into the final break, 12.12 84, to 3.7 25.


The fourth continued as an even tussle, with good contested footy spilt between goals either side. Potential six packs aside; a contentious celebration from Cody Graefe signalled his second. Matty Glover stamped the final term with his 3rd, a fantastic effort. At the end of the day, a complete, 4 quarter performance saw the Jnrcorns prevail, 17.14 116 to 4.8 32.