Round 6 U19s Match Report

After a long car trip down to Peninsula, the boys were rearing to take it up against the top of the ladder at their home turf. In the first quarter the Melbourne High boys, traded blows with the Peninsula pirates, with Cody Graefe opening the bank account for the away side with a cheeky snap. The Unicorns headed into the quarter time break down only by one point, knowing that we had a fight on our hands if we were to win this.

The second quarter was one to forget, with the home side booting 5 unanswered goals in what can only be described as a lapse in effort from the away team. Although this was undoubtedly a quarter to forget, some of the defensive efforts by players such as “first aid” Kit, David “beanpole” Hook, and Liam “bont” Devine gave us some much needed positives going into the half time break.

Third quarter saw the intensity of the Unicorns lift, with increased attack on the ball, and our midfield started to shine with xabier twyman almost being admitted to hospital after leather poisoning. Unfortunately this lift in intensity didn’t equate to scoreboard pressure, and the home side was able to extend their lead by a further 2 goals. We went into the final break facing a 7 goal deficit, the game almost definitely over.

Some stroke of genius from Mike saw Hugh radcliffe-smith and Alec “the stick” Webster migrate into the forward line, providing it with some much needed creativity and potency. Meanwhile Chadders took over Divs job of keeping the home sides key forward at bay, allowing Div to creep into the midfield. Here we saw the birth of an elite midfielder, as Liam rightfully earned himself the nickname: “the Bont”. A late surge saw the high get as close as three goals to peninsula, before peninsula kicked two late goals to seal the game. Overall there were a lot of take home messages, as we found ourselves cracking under pressure when faced with quality opposition. Hopefully next situation like this we will be prepared to play four quarters of hard fought footy.

Best on ground were Liam Devine, Xabier Twyman, Kit Swingler, David Hook, Hugh Radcliffe-Smith and Tom Golz, and our goalkickers were Cody Graefe 3, Hugh Radcliffe-Smith 2, Will Kruyt and Alex Lackner. Final scores were Peninsula 12.10-82 DEF MHSOB 7.9-51.