Round 7 Reserves Match Report

Coming into the game unbeaten, the ressies we’re looking for another strong result to solidify our position at the top of the competition. And while it may not have been the prettiest game of football, at the end of the day we came away with a healthy 13 goal win.

Starting the game, things we’re looking ominous for Ivanhoe, who only had 16 on the field. In a remarkable turn of events however, it was Ivanhoe that ended with the numbers advantage. Unbelievably 3 of their firsts pulled the boots on early, playing 2 games for the day to help with numbers. While Ivanhoe were gaining players, we were unfortunately struck by a string of game ending injuries, with only 17 fit players by half time.

With both teams low on numbers, the game became a very hard fought scrap. Goals were hard to come by as both teams defences held strong. In his return to ressies footy, Shannon Keough was unstoppable down back, marking everything that came his way and setting up our attacks with crisp ball movement. With our midfield stocks diminished, Sam Bonser found himself in the middle and played easily his best game as a unicorn. Sam took the game on, making time and space in a game where there was very little.

Jarrod Growse played another great game adding to his strong season and his blistering pace was put on display in the 4th quarter. From the centre bounce, Will Colman tapped the ball down Jarrod’s throat as he took off towards goal. While the ball was dislodged, Growsy didn’t stop, paddling the ball as he blew past the hapless defenders. Before you knew it, he picked the ball up 30 meters out from goal, unselfishly gave the hands and just like that the unicorns had another goal.

After his promotion to skipper, Charles Pearson was once again dominant up forward, adding 3 more to his tally. Oscar Sargeant again proved why he’s the best centerer in the comp, unselfishly setting up goal after goal while Zac Comly continued his rich vein of form.