Round 14 Reserves Match Report

After a close encounter earlier in the season the round 14 reserves clash against Whitefriars promised to be a good contest. All day both teams went toe to toe in what was a really even battle, neither team was able to gain the ascendency for more than a short period of time and as a result the game fittingly ended with a draw.

The first quarter was hotly contested with Matt Duran, Cam Patton and Tom Beal setting the tone with some really strong work through the middle of the ground. Through some good offensive pressure and exciting early passages the Unicorns had some chances early to put scoreboard pressure on, however, failed to capitalise in front of goal. At qtr time just 1 point separated both teams.

The second and third quarters followed a similar theme with the lead changing hands multiple times. The intensity in the 3rd quarter went up a notch and Brown and Timson lifted and applied some really good pressure for the Unicorns. Will Hellier in his first game back got going after half time and was providing the Whitefriars defence with some headaches.
At 3qtr time Whitefriars had a 5 point lead. Drawing first blood Whitefriars held a 2 goal lead until late into the last qtr. However, the boys never gave in and kept piling on the pressure, eventually getting a much-needed goal to reduce the margin to 6 points. Again they kept pressing, putting the Whitefriars defence under pressure and it was ‘Dome’ who stood up and took a big mark in the goal square to level the scores. Back in the middle and with less than one minute to go the Unicorns won the clearance and sent the ball forward into attack, unfortunately though the siren sounded with the ball at half forward with the game ending in a draw.