The real origin of the current MHSOB Football Club can be traced back to August 1907 when a football team of past students played the school team, at the old East Melbourne ground.  The opening match was not very successful for the past students, with the school side recording a 58 point win.  Despite repeated attempts, the past students lost again in 1908 and 1909, the latter match being played at the original Fitzroy ground in Brunswick Street.

The Old Boys had their first victory over the School in 1912 by two points, in a low scoring, closely fought encounter.

After the ending of World War I these now famous games between the Old Boys and the School team recommenced and were played each year until the outbreak of World War II.

The first proposal to enter a team in the Metropolitan Amateur Association was made in 1923.  In 1927 agreement was reached as to the entry of this team but in fact it did not commence playing for premiership points until 1929.  The formal establishment of the Football Club dates from 24 April 1928, although most early players felt 1927 was a more suitable date for recognition.  W G ‘Ossie’ Amos acted as President, Secretary and organiser in these early years and soon after Eleazer ‘Pop’ Shapir began his record breaking 21 years as President of the Club.  The Club stayed in D Section until 1938 although it had played finals fairly regularly.  Under Percy Sitch the Club started its ascendancy up the grades – Len Boyd-Gerny’s 155 goals and VAFA B&F in 1938 certainly helped the Club cause.  The C Grade premiership was won in 1939.  The Under 19 team started this year as well and just missed out on playing in the finals by percentage.  After winning B Grade in 1946 the Club began it’s A Grade passage, although not for long.  It was not until 1953 that the Club was back in A Grade coming 6th.  Again, back to B Grade for 1956 and then to C Grade – success and inconsistency constant companions.

David Parkin, as Captain of the School 1st XVIII and Under 19 team, made his senior debut with the club in 1960, helping it from C Grade to B Grade.  This was the era of MHSOB Football Club great John ‘Jocka’ Nelson.  MHSOB Football Club managed to climb back to A Grade in 1962, where it remained for many years under coaches Geoff Paul, Peter Kanis, Brain Kann and ‘Jocka’ Nelson until the end of 1972.  For many years the Club played in the middle Grades, enjoying occasional success but also disappointment.  After marking time in D, C and B Grades, under Warren Fall’s coaching the club returned to A Grade in 2000.  Three successful years in A Grade then saw the Club again slip from A to C Grade by 2004.

A successful rebound in 2004 saw the Club win the C Grade pennant.   After consolidation in B Grade in 2005-2006, a disappointing 2007 saw MHSOB Football Club again competing in C Grade until winning it’s most recent premiership – C Grade in 2009.