The Albon-Betheras Award was instituted in 2001.  It is financially supported by both the Albon family, in memory of Sam Albon, a former student and past player at MHS, and Rupert Betheras, a former student of MHS and former Collingwood Magpie player.

It is awarded to the best Under 21 player in the seniors based on B&F voting.

MHSOB Football Club Albon-Betheras Winners

2018 A Lane
2017 M Manteit
2016 R Rae
2015 S Shearer
2014 J Lawson
2013 M Manteit
2012 O Miles & M Hughes
2011 J Tran
2010 L Hood
2009 J Tran
2008 L D Evans
2007 L D Evans
2006 S Anderson
2005 A L Hogan
2004 A L Hogan
2003 A L Hogan
2002 J Walker
2001 R N Limbrick