The Sam Silberberg Award is awarded to the most outstanding club person(s) of the season, player or non-player.

MHSOB Football Club Sam Silberberg Award

2018 P & L Smith
2017 J Colman
2016 S Anderson
2015 P & L Smith
2014 M Nicholas
2013 K da Fonte
2012 M Elder
2011 K McDonald
2010 L P C Fuller
2009 G J Walker
2008 G J Walker
2007 R Stow
2006 J K Aitken (Snr)
2005 K da Fonte
2004 K da Fonte
2003 C A Johansen
2002 C I Foley
2001 J B Jackman
2000 B W Thomas
1999 V & R Fairchild
1998 R Fairchild
1997 C C Green
1996 D A Comer
1995 N R Moody
1994 A Orchard
1993 P Kotz & M Strickland
1992 P Kotz
1991 T A Gallop & A Orchard
1990 A C Drummond
1989 R B Curtis
1988 R J Martin
1987 F & S McLardie
1986 A Orchard
1985 T A Gallop
1984 F W McLardie
1983 R MacGill
1982 G D Newman
1981 G & S Delaney
1980 I G Goldsmith
1979 R Stow
1978 A Orchard
1977 D G Price
1976 N B Peatling
1975 P E Harris

This is Sam Silberberg, in his team uniform as goalkeeper for Hakoah Soccer Club.

When Sam was very young (a refugee from the Russian Revolution of 1917), he was impoverished and could not afford to buy his own football gear (boots, jumper, etc).  A club sponsor, who recognized Sam’s talent, provided him with his playing gear – a gesture for which Sam was forever grateful.

Many decades later, when Sam had established his life in Melbourne, he emulated that act of kindness, by helping fit out needy young players at MHSOB Football Club.  Interestingly, not even his family was aware of this philanthropy – it was only revealed after his passing in 1974.

The Sam Silberberg Award is a most revered award at the MHSOB Football Club.  Founded in 1975, the year after Sam’s passing, only the most deserving recipients have been honoured with the Sam Silberberg Award