Player Fees

Standard Fees – Due Saturday April 6 2019 (Round 1), early bird discount due on or before March 17, 2019.

Early Payment Incentive

  • Payment due on or before Sunday March 17 2019
  • Players may elect to make full payment upfront or in 4 equal monthly instalments (first instalment due before early payment deadline)
  • Players receive a ~10% discount for early payment as this assists the club with equipment and capital expenditure planning and commencement

Payment options

  • Full payment or 4 x monthly Instalments via Online Payment Platform Website (No Amex or Diners)
  • Full payment via credit card or debit card to Kylie da Fonte at club (no AmEx or diners)
  • Full payment only via direct credit to Club bank account (please contact Kylie da Fonte to arrange)
  • Special payment options and plans are available (please contact Matthew Nicholas, Bernie Pretty or Warran Fall to arrange a payment plan and seek approval for the proposal)

Failure to pay by round 1

  • In the event a player has not paid by Round 1 and has not spoken to the club or entered into a special payment plan the player will not be available for selection in Round 1

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