MHSOBFC AGM 2017: Nov 16

Members of the MHSOBFC community are invited to the 2017 Annual General Meeting at the Unicorn Club at 6:30pm on Thursday the 16th of November.

 Refreshments will be provided.


The committee will be accepting nominees for President, Secretary, Treasurer and General Committee. 


Nominations must include name of a seconder and should be emailed to Kylie Da Fonte ( by no later than the 13th of November.


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MHS Presentation Night

 MHSOBFC celebrated their presentation night at the Medallion Club at Etihad Stadium. A wonderful night celebrating a great season, congratulations to all our award winners in 2017. Details of the winners and photos can be found below!

Sam Silberberg Outstanding Club-person: Josh Colman


Best and Fairest: James Tran
Runner-Up: Tom Hickey
Second Runner-Up: Tim Campelj
Player’s Player: Tim Campelj
Albon-Betheras: Mike Manteit
Goal Kicking: Kane Smith
Coaches Award: Luke Whittaker


Best and Fairest: Mason Fennsey-Kent
Runner-Up: Brendan Cook
Second Runner-Up: Shannon Keough
Player’s Player: Shannon Keough
Finals Player: Ryan Curwood
Goal Kicking: Bill Rebakis
Coaches Award: Zac Smooker


Best and Fairest: Angus Lane
Second Runner-Up: Durham McNamara
Daniel Eimutis Player’s Player Award: Angus Lane
Finals Player: Charles Overton
Goal Kicking: Durham McNamara
Coaches Award: Mitch Himing


Best and Fairest: Chris Miller
Coaches: Damien Grantham
Goal Kicking: Louis Meyer

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Presentation Night Ticket Cut Off Extended

For those who missed the Cut-off date please see below:

MHSOBFC Presentation Night & Ball 2017

Friday 6th October

Medallion Club, Etihad Stadium

For those who are still planning on attending but missed the cut-off last night, the link has been reopened and will now Close Monday 2nd October at 11.59am.

There will be no more extensions past this date, so if you do not purchase by Monday then you will miss out!

Link below:

Look forward to seeing you all on Friday 6th October to Celebrate the incredible Season the Unicorns have had.

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Finals Round 2


Football offers you three things; opportunity, joy and pain. The Reserves team came off a well-fought win against Eltham and would ensure Prahran, who was coming off a dismal performance to West Brunswick, would be in for a tough day.

The contest was hot early, Smooker provided the grunt through the middle as each side traded blows. The dough man Andrew Do was unstoppable of the back flank, three opposition players were blown up as he galloped down the wing.

As the game wore on so the High School began to wrestle the ascendancy, goals to a couple of pests Hayes and Moran started to build the vibe.

With Jimmy McWinney leaving opponent Shamini in their boots and his brother doing the same down back Prahran were getting desperate.

The last quarter ebbed and flowed and just as the better side on the day looked to have it sealed the biggest travesty in the history of football occurred. Whilst no one person can be blamed for daylight robbery there were those more guilty than others, and none of them was from MHS.

A disappointing and bitter way to miss out on finals, as MHS would regret opportunities to prevent it from occurring. There’s truth in saying the final score didn’t represent the way MHS played the game, by about 5 points.

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MHSOBFC Presentation Night and Ball 2017

Presentation night 2017 Tickets Now availbale

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Finals Round 1



1.0-6.    2.3-15.   2.8-20.   6.11-47

Old Paradians

2.1-13.   3.5-23.   7.7-49.   7.8-50



After showing the very height of their potential against the top side MHS would go into the finals series confident in their game plan and confident in the skill level of a bumper squad. If finals footy wasn’t enough of an occasion it would also be Steve Villani’s 150th game.


Facing Parade the seniors would have be wise to be weary of what had happened last time they met, having started poorly and allowing them to get a run on.


Unfortunately that’s the exact way it started, Parade came out of the blocks the fastest and were allowed too much time to deliver forward. The back six did remarkably well, led by David Sorgiovanni and Gus Lane who helped keep the damage to a minimum.


In a low scoring encounter every chance mattered, missed opportunities let Parade escape out to an early lead. The second half tussle would see some leadership emerge, Tim Camplej ferocious at the ball carrier and Michael Brain finding some outside run allowing MHS to have a sniff coming into three quarter time.


A rousing Matthew Nicholas three quarter time speech got the message across that this may be the very last chance to prove themselves and perhaps steal an unlikely win.


The peanut gallery was in full force, the vibe could be felt around the ground and soon doubt crept into Parades minds. An early Goal from milestone man Villani provided the spark and soon Kane Smith and Dylan Hamilton-Ho set about bringing the game within the clutches of MHS.


Unfortunately time ran out just before MHS could role over the top to victory. A gallantly fought last quarter not enough to steal the biscuits.



MHSOBFC 1.5-11.   5.10-40.   6.10-46.   12.13-85

Eltham Collegians AFC 0.1-1.   1.1-7.   2.3-15.    3.4-22



Normally the Saturday heavens had smiled for the reserves Team, however it seemed Wltham had the rub of the Sunday weather as rain seemed poised to be the leveller. Dark clouds foreshadowed that a tough and gritty contest would be ahead. Unfortunately for Eltham this soon subsided once the sun smiled down on upon Bernard Pretty and his team.


The first quarter saw the cobwebs blown out as MHS showed glimpses of its elite ball movement. Jarod Pagonis looked after his mates early, providing plenty of the sherrin to his mates. The forwards would later blame the conditions for kicking only 1.5 in the first.


As the team settled Eltham were put on the burner, Mason Fennesy-Kent found the ball through the middle and Tony Tran found it up forward. With experienced heads Ryan Brock and Mathew Boumeester leading the charge MHS skipped out to a comfortable lead.


From here on out the comfortable lead led to complacency as MHS failed to put Eltham to the sword. If not for a flurry of late quarter goals MHS would have looked disinterested. In the end the game was a perfect tune up for a big clash against Prahran this coming weekend.

Under 19s

Final Score: Jnrcorns 12.11 83 def 8.9. 57 St Bedes

It was the first taste of finals footy for the MHSOB U19’s for 19 years on Saturday when the Jnrcorns took on Mentone at home. A formidable opposition, St Bedes were going to throw everything they had at the ‘Corns in the hope of keeping their finals campaign alive.

Thanks to a healthy peanut gallery and a host of supporters, the crowd got the ‘Corns off to a good start, with tackle machine Zuher Feki getting the first goal of the game. In a closely fought first half, the powerful midfield of St Bedes clashed contest after contest with our own mids, putting on a fantastic spectacle for the fans who had come to watch.

Evan Vassos played the small forward role exceptionally well in tandem with Johnny Broadbent, the pair causing numerous headaches for the opposition. Fellow forward Chris Tetaz escaped his yips in front of goal, slotting 3 sausages. Anthony Horton’s tackling pressure and distribution was fantastic, featuring the physicality that our midfielders have become known for.

The hot contest favoured St Bedes at the break, who went in with a 1 goal lead. An inspiring speech from Mike got the boys rearing to go for the premiership quarter, with Durham ‘Bull’ McNamara putting on a clinic in front of the peanut gallery. Club lovechild Oscar ‘Buzza’ Sargeant was clearly spurred on by the vocal support, taking a dozen marks in the forward half during the third quarter. His leading patterns were exceptional all day.

A 5 goals to 0 third quarter displayed that we simply wanted the win more – we ran St Bedes off our legs all over the ground, especially of half-back – Charles Overton and Joel Hodder’s defensive marking and distribution throughout the day displayed what a strong half-back line we’ve developed, despite Proj’s best attempt at sabotaging our defensive unit.

Our preliminary final this week takes place against De La, who we beat last weekend. Let’s make it twice in three weeks against the league leaders at 11:40 Saturday at Sportscover Arena.




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Finals Await! The Wrap Up: Round 18


Mhsob 2.2-14 5.3-33 10.5-65 11.8-74

Prahran Assumption 4.2-26 6.2-38 7.6-48 9.8-62

Goal Kickers: N. Hawking 4, T. Campelj, S. Villani, W. Suhr, J. Sherwin, T. Beale, D. Hamilton-Ho, A. Svirskis

Best Players: T. Beale, N. Hawking, D. Hamilton-Ho, L. Hood, T. Hickey, T. Campelj

With their finals destiny in their hands, MHS welcomed the challenge of the number one side in the comp coming to their home deck. Looking for inspiration, with several players rested, the U19s looked to the king slayer Lachlan Dowling, fresh from icing out U19 top of the table last week.

Prahran had only lost one game coming into the final match day of the year, however, faced an MHS side who had done well by their milestone men this year. This time round Lachlan “The duck” Hood was the man of the moment playing his long awaited 100th game.

He would be joined up forward by Nick “Hawk” Hawking, as the pair set a strong presence in the marking contest. The birds would, however, be outstayed as big man Will Suhr took flight for the hands down Hello Sam Mark of the Year. His elevation inspiring the team around him to tassel back a 5 goal deficit to be in front in the third quarter.

Thomas “The electric eel” Beale proved a slippery character in the middle, escaping the clutches of his opponents to give the Unicorns a bit of a spark out of the middle. Despite a late surge from Prahran, they were unable to break open the MHS defense headed by Sorgiovanni and would succumb to their second loss of the season.

An excellent result for the unicorns against a side full of talent and the perfect build up to the finals campaign.



Mhsob 1.4-10 3.6-24 5.9-39 8.10-58

Prahran Assumption 1.0-6 4.1-25 8.2-50 12.3-75


Goal Kickers: C. Hewish 3, M. Mazoletti 2, J. Lewis 2, L. Toman

Best Players: S. Keough, Z. Smooker, W. Colman , M. Fennessy-Kent, K. McDonald, W. Hart

Although the finals spot was secured the reserve team was out to redeem a bit of pride since the last time they met Prahran. With the U19 talent factory pumping the reserves stocks were boosted by senior debutants Byron Gunn and Zuher Feki.

The debutants wasted no time settling in, Feki having 5 tackles in the opening term and Byron Gunn being a voice of instruction down back. With a lot of early possession Melbourne High looked threatening, however lack of final product prevented scoreboard pressure from being applied.

The lead would chop and change throughout the game, Chad Hewish doing his best to provide a consistent option forward, however once again it was the opposing bookend Shannon Keough who was responsible for MHS being in the contest going into the last quarter. An excellent return to the side from Will Coleman kept the midfield battle even going into the last quarter.

With a late surge brining MHS within a goal the game already shaped up like a finals classic, however, this time Prahran would get the last laugh. Despite the setback, MHS showed patches of their full potential and will be hoping they are able to extract this going into their third finals campaign in as many years.

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The Wrap Up: Round 17


Glen Eira 4.3-27 7.4-46 8.8-56 11.12-78

Mhsob 2.2-14 5.5-35 6.9-45 7.11-53

Goal Kickers: K. Smith 4, R. Gavan, T. Hickey, J. Sherwin

Best Players: T. Hickey, M. Wilson, T. Campelj, K. Smith, A. Svirskis, J. Pagonis

  On the back of a solid month of football, Melbourne high had the opportunity to seal a finals berth with a win out at Glen Eira. For once the seniors got the better of the conditions over the reserves as they enjoyed a sunny afternoon of football.

Unfortunately for those cheering on the moment was less enjoyable as Glen Eira was able to skip ahead thanks to ill discipline and sloppy ball use. The second quarter saw the high school start to find their groove again, Kane Smith kicked a couple of sausages and it looked like the comeback was on.

Glen Eira was allowed to transition under little pressure which allowed them easy scoring opportunities, a direct contrast to the scrappy nature of MHS’s goals. Despite valiant performances from the Mount Eliza midfield duo Tom Hickey and Mitch Wilson MHS would not be able to bridge the gap and fall short. 

The situation now arrises that if MHS lose by 147 points and Yarra Valley win by over 120 MHS will miss out on finals. So really anything can happen.


Glen Eira 0.2-2 2.3-15 5.6-36 7.9-51

Mhsob 4.1-25 8.1-49 11.3-69 14.5-89

 Goal Kickers: W. Garwood 2, C. Pearson 2, W. Rebakis 2, M. Fennessy-Kent 2, C. Hewish 2, T. Rendell, S. Hayes, J. Bukor, B. Cook

Best Players: C. McWhinney, M. Fennessy-Kent, Z. Smooker, S. Keough, S. Hayes, O. Miles

 An early drizzle seemed to dampen the mood of the away changing rooms, struck with the proposition that there might be a mud-fight on the cards. The great people of Glen Eira had not forgotten the actions of Andrew Lim, the velodrome void of life as the people sought shelter away from his reach.

  As the warm up jackets got a reluctant wash the clouds began to part and once again conditions were prime for football. The weather may have been prime but the form of both sides was not, a scrappy game of football never really seemed to get going. Charlie McWhinney was excellent down back ensuring the early scoreboard looked reasonable despite lacklustre play from the unicorns. 

 Ward Garwood stood up early, providing provocation to a vocal Glen Eira crowd. Straight kicking keeping MHS ahead into the half time break. Zac Smooker continues to add strings to his bow, this time his ruck work proving vital to the team success, even if he faced an uphill battle at ~50% of ball ups (but we’re not pointing the finger).

As the game wore on so did the umpires patience with rough round the edges midfielder Ollie Miles, who’s unrelenting commentary about the rules of football earned him a yellow card. Luckily Ollie kept his mouth shut following the incident and didn’t make it worse for his teammates.

 The game would end a dull affair but a win to the good guys none the less. With only a 189 point victory over Prahran or a Yarra Valley Upset over West Brunswick standing in their way of a top 2 finish, the reserves will be looking to earn back some respect this week before entering finals.

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The Wrap Up: Round 16


Hawthorn 2.3-15 6.6-42 8.6-54 12.7-79

Mhsob 3.8-26 10.10-70 19.15-129 24.18-162

Goal Kickers: K. Smith 8, N. Hawking 6, B. Jellis 3, R. Gavan 2, S. Villani, J. Tran, M. Wilson, T. Hickey, J. Sherwin

Best Players: J. Tran, A. Tran, M. Wilson, R. Gavan, W. Suhr, S. Villani

As the finals dream draws nearer to being a reality, third placed MHS visited luckless last placed Hawthorn. With the Yarra Valley v Prahran game this round the high school had an opportunity to earn a games breathing space over their fourth placed adversaries.

The opening quarter saw the Jarrod ‘Toad Fish’ Pagonis make his long awaited senior debut after excelling under Bernard Cook’s tutelage in the early game. It didn’t take his team mates long to adjust and he was quickly involved through the middle. With James Tran continuing a stellar month of form MHS had plenty of run off early allowing them to dominate the inside 50s count.

Despite this ascendancy it took until the second quarter for a handy lead to be earned, Kane Smith and Nick Hawking finding the middle of the big sticks on a number of occasions. Even the oracle Beau Jellis got in on the act, despite the ribbing from his own peanut gallery.

As the game wore on, Hawthorn tired and the goals began to flow. Will Suhr giving the midfielders premium service as MHS ran home 83 point winners.


Hawthorn 0.1-1 0.1-1 1.2-8 2.3-15

Mhsob 3.6-24 12.6-78 17.11-113 23.15-153

Goal Kickers: W. Rebakis 5, M. Mazoletti 4, J. Lewis 3, J. McWhinney 2, J. Bukor 2, M. Fennessy-Kent, K. McDonald, O. Miles, R. Shell, B. Burton, L. Toman, N. Clampett

Best Players: B. Burton, S. Hayes, J. Bukor, R. Shell, O. Miles, M. Fennessy-Kent

On the back of their most comprehensive performance of the year the reserves juggernaught had picked up some momentum. With percentage potentially playing a big part in the top 2 situation Hawthorn would not be in for an easy day.

Ben Burton would be the man to get MHS going early as he found a way through traffic out of the middle. He was joined by Jackson ‘The Kid’ Bukor, who unlike his self appointed nickname was in good form. The two wingers doing the early damage.

The McWinney brothers would be the next to fire up, James performing his signature “soup” celebration followed aptly by his brother Charlie with point of the season. The reserves 77 point halftime lead would be thanks to the most redheaded forward line in VAFA history. Max Mazoletti, William Rebakis, Chad Hewish, Johnny Moran and “strawberry blonde” Jason Lewis all contributing in that manner.

The reserves would run out comfortable winners, with no major injuries or suspensions to count for, despite thug life duo Sam Hayes and Lukas Toman’s best efforts.

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MHSOBFC Honours Outstanding Contributions: Luncheon August 26th

In 2017 the Victorian Amateur Football Association is celebrating its 125th year anniversary and will acknowledge those who have contributed to the success of each club since the centenary celebrations in 1992. VAFA clubs operate thanks to the hard work and dedication of their volunteers and personnel who have made the most significant contributions to the ongoing success of their clubs between 1992 and 2017 will receive specially engraved VAFA medallions. At MHSOBFC we are pleased to announce that our recipients are Colin Green, Dean Comer, Kylie da Fonte and Warren Fall.  Colin and Dean will be presented with their medallions at our luncheon on Saturday 26 August so make sure you are there to join with us to celebrate their outstanding contributions to MHSOBFC.

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