Grand Final match report

The twos were valiant in their first grand final in 18 years.  Unfortunately they were unable to bridge Old Geelong’s early lead, but should be very proud of their efforts, not just on the big stage, but throughout the season.

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In their first GF in 18 years, the reserves got off to a nervous start. Fumbles, missed handballs and wayeard kicks unfortunately allowed an Old Geelong team full of confidence to kick away to a five goal lead early in the game. Once the Unicorns settled we managed to kick the last couple of the quarter and claw the margin back to 19 points. Due to our lack of fluidity the Old Geelong’s loose man was able to make life very hard for our forwards and especially Nick Orchard who was often triple teamed. Our shallow entries inside 50m did not help.

The margin could have been larger, but the improvement in our boys throughout the season has been excellent and we are now a very hard side to blow away.

In the second term we lifted and started to play #unicornsfooty. We held Old Geelong scoreless for the quarter and managed to get the deficit back to 12 points at half time.  Our fumbles cleaned up, voice improved and we managed deeper entries inside 50m which allowed us to apply pressure in their back half and force turnovers.  OldGeelong’s height in defence was making life very difficult for key forwards Orchard and Hamilton-Ho, and unfortunately despite spending large portions of the quarter camped in our forward half we were unable to really make the most of a series of chances.

The third term was our best quarter. We started slowly withGeelongkicking the first two goals, but we then were sparked by Hewish and Jones whose ability to run and carry the ball through the lines broke the game open. We turned our forward pressure into scoreboard pressure as we got it back to five points at three quarter time. The commitment of the players across the ground was unquestionable. All across the ground the High played with spirit.  Van Es took control in the ruck, Frazcek continued his outstanding finals form, while Hamilton-Ho was electric up forward.  When Pretty scored a miracle goal off the ground the peanut gallery behind the goals went mad.

The boys were battered and bruised after a long season and five cut throat games in a row, but maintained their pressure admirably.  This was exemplified by valiant skipper Czwarno whose crook knee required surgery but was not enough to stop him being at the bottom of the every pack. Outscoring Old Geelong 3 goals to 2 for the quarter the High were back within 2 points at the final change. The ‘Corns were coming!

It was an arm wrestle at the start of the last.  The Unicorns were playing well but again were struggling to find targets in the air.  Numerous forays forward resulted in a frustrating three behinds.  With the margin at two points we went forward again, but unfortunately a turnover at half forward allowedGeelongto rebound quickly and goal.  A crucial centre clearance went Old Geelong’s way allowing them to score another goal.  OldGeelongfought back in general play and started to control the footy and limit our time forward of centre.

A third goal to Old Geelong was matched by another to the High, but Old Geelong responded again.  Another goal each was not enough for the High.  The boys were beaten, but left the ground with their heads held high after a terrific season.


MelbourneHigh School OBFC  9.7.61

def by

OldGeelong  12.11.83

Goal Kickers: M. Hamilton-Ho 5, M. Ham , M. Santomartino , C. Hewish , C. Wright

Best Players: C. Wright, T. Fraczek, J. Bunting, N. Orchard, M. Hamilton-Ho

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