Swedish Elks visit MHSOBFC

On Thursday 7th August, MHSOBFC hosted the Swedish Elks prior to the commencement of the AFL International Cup 2014.


The opportunity for a joint training 
session gave the Swedes a chance to see how a local football club go through their paces on a regular evening training.

Elks fullback, Tony Persson rated the experience, saying that he could really feel the difference in quality of football. “You can tell that it is their sport,” exclaimed Persson. “We couldn’t really compare with their seniors, but we could keep up with the juniors and the old boys.”

The training session was held as a part of the Elks preparation heading into the AFL International Cup 2014, which began on Sunday 10th August.

“All us Swedes performed much better than we were expecting,” said Persson. “When you train with someone that is much better than you, you push yourself and you are much better at the training.”

Once training was completed, our Swedish guests were invited to join in the usual Thursday night team selection and dinner. There was an Australian feel to dinner with kangaroo hamburgers, beef ribs and lamb sausages on the menu, kindly prepared by Leeanne and Peter Smith (as they do every Thursday).

Following dinner, the Swedish Ambassador to MHSOBFC, Jamie Anderson had arranged a competition to test the heritage of our Swedish counterparts. 5 players from each team were pinned up against each other in an Ikea assembling competition, where each member had to do their part in taken on the daunting task of consuming a beer before putting together an Ikea coffee table.

The Swedes proved that they are the only ones that are able to understand the impossible instruction booklet and build an Ikea product, no matter how many pieces are missing, crushing the MHSOBFC representatives in the race.

Please see below for some Photo’s of the evening!


Elks Players on the Woodfull-Miller Oval.


Elks players receiving instruction from coaching staff.

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