The Wrap Up: Round 17


Glen Eira 4.3-27 7.4-46 8.8-56 11.12-78

Mhsob 2.2-14 5.5-35 6.9-45 7.11-53

Goal Kickers: K. Smith 4, R. Gavan, T. Hickey, J. Sherwin

Best Players: T. Hickey, M. Wilson, T. Campelj, K. Smith, A. Svirskis, J. Pagonis

  On the back of a solid month of football, Melbourne high had the opportunity to seal a finals berth with a win out at Glen Eira. For once the seniors got the better of the conditions over the reserves as they enjoyed a sunny afternoon of football.

Unfortunately for those cheering on the moment was less enjoyable as Glen Eira was able to skip ahead thanks to ill discipline and sloppy ball use. The second quarter saw the high school start to find their groove again, Kane Smith kicked a couple of sausages and it looked like the comeback was on.

Glen Eira was allowed to transition under little pressure which allowed them easy scoring opportunities, a direct contrast to the scrappy nature of MHS’s goals. Despite valiant performances from the Mount Eliza midfield duo Tom Hickey and Mitch Wilson MHS would not be able to bridge the gap and fall short. 

The situation now arrises that if MHS lose by 147 points and Yarra Valley win by over 120 MHS will miss out on finals. So really anything can happen.


Glen Eira 0.2-2 2.3-15 5.6-36 7.9-51

Mhsob 4.1-25 8.1-49 11.3-69 14.5-89

 Goal Kickers: W. Garwood 2, C. Pearson 2, W. Rebakis 2, M. Fennessy-Kent 2, C. Hewish 2, T. Rendell, S. Hayes, J. Bukor, B. Cook

Best Players: C. McWhinney, M. Fennessy-Kent, Z. Smooker, S. Keough, S. Hayes, O. Miles

 An early drizzle seemed to dampen the mood of the away changing rooms, struck with the proposition that there might be a mud-fight on the cards. The great people of Glen Eira had not forgotten the actions of Andrew Lim, the velodrome void of life as the people sought shelter away from his reach.

  As the warm up jackets got a reluctant wash the clouds began to part and once again conditions were prime for football. The weather may have been prime but the form of both sides was not, a scrappy game of football never really seemed to get going. Charlie McWhinney was excellent down back ensuring the early scoreboard looked reasonable despite lacklustre play from the unicorns. 

 Ward Garwood stood up early, providing provocation to a vocal Glen Eira crowd. Straight kicking keeping MHS ahead into the half time break. Zac Smooker continues to add strings to his bow, this time his ruck work proving vital to the team success, even if he faced an uphill battle at ~50% of ball ups (but we’re not pointing the finger).

As the game wore on so did the umpires patience with rough round the edges midfielder Ollie Miles, who’s unrelenting commentary about the rules of football earned him a yellow card. Luckily Ollie kept his mouth shut following the incident and didn’t make it worse for his teammates.

 The game would end a dull affair but a win to the good guys none the less. With only a 189 point victory over Prahran or a Yarra Valley Upset over West Brunswick standing in their way of a top 2 finish, the reserves will be looking to earn back some respect this week before entering finals.

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