Finals Await! The Wrap Up: Round 18


Mhsob 2.2-14 5.3-33 10.5-65 11.8-74

Prahran Assumption 4.2-26 6.2-38 7.6-48 9.8-62

Goal Kickers: N. Hawking 4, T. Campelj, S. Villani, W. Suhr, J. Sherwin, T. Beale, D. Hamilton-Ho, A. Svirskis

Best Players: T. Beale, N. Hawking, D. Hamilton-Ho, L. Hood, T. Hickey, T. Campelj

With their finals destiny in their hands, MHS welcomed the challenge of the number one side in the comp coming to their home deck. Looking for inspiration, with several players rested, the U19s looked to the king slayer Lachlan Dowling, fresh from icing out U19 top of the table last week.

Prahran had only lost one game coming into the final match day of the year, however, faced an MHS side who had done well by their milestone men this year. This time round Lachlan “The duck” Hood was the man of the moment playing his long awaited 100th game.

He would be joined up forward by Nick “Hawk” Hawking, as the pair set a strong presence in the marking contest. The birds would, however, be outstayed as big man Will Suhr took flight for the hands down Hello Sam Mark of the Year. His elevation inspiring the team around him to tassel back a 5 goal deficit to be in front in the third quarter.

Thomas “The electric eel” Beale proved a slippery character in the middle, escaping the clutches of his opponents to give the Unicorns a bit of a spark out of the middle. Despite a late surge from Prahran, they were unable to break open the MHS defense headed by Sorgiovanni and would succumb to their second loss of the season.

An excellent result for the unicorns against a side full of talent and the perfect build up to the finals campaign.



Mhsob 1.4-10 3.6-24 5.9-39 8.10-58

Prahran Assumption 1.0-6 4.1-25 8.2-50 12.3-75


Goal Kickers: C. Hewish 3, M. Mazoletti 2, J. Lewis 2, L. Toman

Best Players: S. Keough, Z. Smooker, W. Colman , M. Fennessy-Kent, K. McDonald, W. Hart

Although the finals spot was secured the reserve team was out to redeem a bit of pride since the last time they met Prahran. With the U19 talent factory pumping the reserves stocks were boosted by senior debutants Byron Gunn and Zuher Feki.

The debutants wasted no time settling in, Feki having 5 tackles in the opening term and Byron Gunn being a voice of instruction down back. With a lot of early possession Melbourne High looked threatening, however lack of final product prevented scoreboard pressure from being applied.

The lead would chop and change throughout the game, Chad Hewish doing his best to provide a consistent option forward, however once again it was the opposing bookend Shannon Keough who was responsible for MHS being in the contest going into the last quarter. An excellent return to the side from Will Coleman kept the midfield battle even going into the last quarter.

With a late surge brining MHS within a goal the game already shaped up like a finals classic, however, this time Prahran would get the last laugh. Despite the setback, MHS showed patches of their full potential and will be hoping they are able to extract this going into their third finals campaign in as many years.

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