Finals Round 2


Football offers you three things; opportunity, joy and pain. The Reserves team came off a well-fought win against Eltham and would ensure Prahran, who was coming off a dismal performance to West Brunswick, would be in for a tough day.

The contest was hot early, Smooker provided the grunt through the middle as each side traded blows. The dough man Andrew Do was unstoppable of the back flank, three opposition players were blown up as he galloped down the wing.

As the game wore on so the High School began to wrestle the ascendancy, goals to a couple of pests Hayes and Moran started to build the vibe.

With Jimmy McWinney leaving opponent Shamini in their boots and his brother doing the same down back Prahran were getting desperate.

The last quarter ebbed and flowed and just as the better side on the day looked to have it sealed the biggest travesty in the history of football occurred. Whilst no one person can be blamed for daylight robbery there were those more guilty than others, and none of them was from MHS.

A disappointing and bitter way to miss out on finals, as MHS would regret opportunities to prevent it from occurring. There’s truth in saying the final score didn’t represent the way MHS played the game, by about 5 points.

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